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25 December 2013

Good bye 2013

Hello, my hommies! :)
Finnely im here)))) im so happy to have some time for posting n checking ur amazin blogs)))))
This is my last post in 2013year n this post ab 2013year))
Bad sides of year. 
I had grand lost this year:( My friend, my grandfather n my lovely kitty gone... Also i had big problems with my health.
Good sides of year.
This year gave me a lot of travells. First trip was to Hannover, second to south of my country on summer holidays n last will be 28th december in 4 west-europen contries(Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany). Oh, u even cant image how much i wanna dis trip:))  
Private life
I had interesting private life, yea im talkin ab guyz))) n i guess ive founded much more then just boyfriend:))))
One of the most important thing which i receive in 2013 it was support, sweet comments, amazin visitors n readers of my child, of my bloggy:)))) Tnx u guys sooo sooo much for this:))))) im really happy n proud to be interesting for u! :))
Merry Xmas n Happy new 2014 year!!! Wishin absolutelly hapiness for all you!!!
xoxo Girly

all this n many other picz u can find @girlys_world

13 November 2013

Some NightOut

Hello, my sweeties!!!:))))
Thank u so so so so so much 4 ur wonderful comments for prev post:))))))))) Every ur visit n every ur comment means soooo much 4 me;)))))) This time i wanna show u collage ab some nightout:)) Acctually, not ab some its ab celebration Independence day:))) Ukraine's Independence day was 24th august (yea, im so active blogger, lol) n i wore all my fave pieces like plaid shirt, leather bicker jacket, studded baggy n studded heels;)) Im feeling myself so comfy in outfitss like this one so u can image how i look in real life on real nightouts/celebrations etc. Our celebration begun at main square of country n finished at club;))) Honestly, last time when me n my bff went to main square for national celebration was 8 years ago and dis time we saw nothing change, but was funny n firework was amazin:))))   
Guuuyz, sorry ab quality of picz cuz they were taken on our gadgets but dis is lifestyle post, so enjoy it:))))
Have a lovely November:))
xoxo Girly

19 October 2013

Leather fall

Hello, my homies!!! :))))
Tnx a lot 4 ur sweet comments 4 my prev post n ur support cuz it means a lot for me:))))))) Well, when i need to look chic n i dont have time or mood for decition what i'll wear i allways wear my leather shorts n one of my blouse:))) its like my universal combo;)) honestly i like to wear leather/faux leather stuffs cuz im feeling comfortable in dis clothes n i luv fall cuz i can wear dis clothes:))) this time i've paired my universal combo with leather jacket (i bought it in Hannover) n leather rider boots. What do u think ab dis look? Do u like it?
Have a wonderful warm weekend:)))

xoxo Girly

07 October 2013

Perfect day

Hello my hommies)))))
Tnx u soooo much 4 ur wonderful comments)))) This post ab perfect weekend which i spent with my family in village... n omg!!! it was wonderful)))) ive enjoyed fresh air, beautiful nature n the most important... ive enjoyed of spending time with my family))))) 
Do u like spend time with family outside the city??   
xoxo Girly

23 September 2013

Holidays 2013: Days n Nights

Hello hummies!! :))))
This post show u what i did at my summer holidays exept spendin time on a beach. A lot of tasty coctails, tasty food, a lot of night walks, crazy nights at beach clubs n bars... oh, i really miss 4 dis time:(( The weather is too cold n rainy here n i really miss 4 summer:(( But im happy cuz i can wear my lovely plaid shirts n warm n stylish sweatshirts with big accessories:)))) n im happy cuz im plannin some amazin trip:))) but ab dis ill tell u later:)))
Enjoy ur work week:))
xoxo Girly
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09 September 2013

Beach, I miss you

Hello, guyz))))
Finelly i have time to post some picz by my summer holidays 2013;))) Dis year i spent my holidays in my country, in Ukraine cuz ive had some problems with my health n i cant change climate:(( honesly i were a lil disapointed ab place where ive been:(( but ive enjoyed sea, sun, beach n crazy nights:)))  n now i really miss by carefree days spent on beach.... 
Have a lovely fall time
xoxo Girly
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22 August 2013

Are U Ready To The Stunnin Fall??

Hello guyz!! :))))
I wanna show u some of my ideas how to look chic n stay warm in fall time just before ill show u posts ab my summer hollidays n ab some amazin weekend with family)))))) 
Tnx soooo sooooo much 4 ur wonderful support))))) Luv ya all!!!!
Have an amazin ending of ur summer 2013 ;)
xoxo Girly
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28 July 2013

Party People

Hello Guyz!!!!
Tommorow is beginnin of my holidays))))) yahooo!!!! i really cant wait dis crazy trip. Spending time near sea on a beach n have a lot of fun n visit a lot of partys))))) I had holidays 2 years ago (u can read ab it here here here n here) n i really mis for them)))) but tommorow... ohhh i cant wait)))))) Me n my bff r the biggest party lovers!!! if u don't belive me u can check it in dis post n also here here here n here )))) so clubs be ready 4 us))))))) 
Wishin u guyz to have amazin summertime, amazin holidays)))))) Enjoy dis post, my oldie posts n one of my fav track))))))
xoxo, ur Girly

29 June 2013

White n Neon or Bye-Bye Google Reader

Hello guyz:)))
Do u remember my post about Cairo's Goodies?? Yeap, im wearing this clutch a lot in summer:)))) Mix of white n some neon color is my fav mix 4 spring and summer))) what can be more brightest then neon juicy touch in white palette, right? :)) n this time i show u mix of white n neon pink, what do u think???
Im sad about GR n GFC, as most of u... :(  but u can follow me at

17 June 2013

Insta News

Hello my hommies;)))))
First of all i wanna tell u is TNX SOOO MUCH 4 ur support n 91comments;))))omg!!! 91....♥ u guyz!!!! Its so pleasant to see that my hobby is interesting for people;)))) tnx a lot for ur amazin feedback;))))
This time in this post i wanna show u some of fresh n unposted here picz by my instagram
Have a wonderful week;)))
xoxo Girly

26 May 2013

Perfect Promenade

Hello hummies!!!))))
Tnx u a lot 4 ur amazin commets 2 prev post!!!)))) As ive told u last time u gonna see too much royal blue color at my blog))) so dis post ab royal blue 2)))) Also, my big love 4 this spring/summer season are dresses n guyz, i buy them as crazy))))lol))  
Ok,  n now i wanna told u ab dis picz. I took them in one warm day of may's hollydays, when me n my bff have promenade in amazin place, with ice ceam, in cute dress, in comfy sandals, with elated mood))) yea, it was perfect promenade which ended on cute terrace of sushi bar)))  
Have a lot of promenades
xoxo Girly

06 May 2013

Random. Royal Blue

Hello guyz :))))
Royal blue color is my fav color of dis spring/summer season. Be sure u'll see it often in my blog :)) This picz were made unplannin, maybe 2 weeks ago in one of work day :))) Weather was amazin n i wanted fixed it just 4 myself.... but then i've decided share with u just some of my random picz :)))) Hope u'll like it n u'll like my casual roal blue look :))))))
Have an amazin spring days ;)))
xoxo Girly

17 April 2013

Grey, Camo, Comfy, Faved

Hello hommies!!!;))))
I really cant believe that dis picz were made 3 weeks ago, i cant believe that finelly we dont have snowy streets n soon gonna be summer;))))) Today was first day when i wore my slippers n biker jacket n didnt get cold :D so hello really spring.... finelly!!!:)))))
Have an amazin warm days :P :P :P
xoxo Girly

25 March 2013

Winter in the end of March

Hello guyz!!!))))
Tnx so so soo much 4 ur sweet comments n support))))) Dis weekend was absolutelly crazy!! We had the biggest snowfall 4 the last 90 years!! Can u image???!!! Ive never seen so much snow in the end of the March n i should to forget ab spring weather for the next 3 weeks or month((( Guuuyz u even cant image how much i wanna wear all my new dresses n my super hight-heels... Anyway, now we have what we have)) n dats why i wanna show u today's shoot with the last snow of 2013))) 
Enjoy ur spring time
xoxo Girly
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27 January 2013


Hello, dear readers n visitors:))))
Dis is post ab my bussiness trip into Hannover)))))) All i can say ab dis trip is amazin work time with our lovely Egyptian partners n all their amazin work guys:))) n of course good prices n soooo amazin shopping)))) Ill show u all my  new stunnin clothes n shoes at next post)))))
Thx u 4 ur support n sooo sweet commets :)))) 
xoxo Girly

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07 January 2013

Debt of 2012. First in 2013.

Hello hommies!!!!
Tnx u so so much 4 ur amazin comments))))))))) yea i had debt for u... im talking about dis post n dis picz.... As for sad i have not to much time 4 postin n i even had not too much time for my friends cuz im hard workin.... but dis job give me business trip in another counties n dis time it will be Germany))))))) i cant wait it cuz i like to travel n see interesting places)))))) Hope u'll like dis picz n my outfit)))) 
Ohhh n 4 all orthodox ppl i wanna say: "Marry Xmas!!!":)))  
xoxo Girly