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30 March 2015


Hello hommies!!:))
Thank u all for ur amazin feedback 4 prev post:)))) Quickly post, just a few words, one conception... A lot of people, a lot of things to do, a lot things to take with, no time, comfort, style... As result, this absolutely laconic outfit;))) Look based on mix of basic black n white colors, blazer, comfy n still trendy slip-ones, big bag... all those pieces are perfect attributes for crazy rhythm of city life))
Enjoy ur spring time, lovelies;))
xoxo Girly 

20 March 2015

Fitness in Girly's World

Hey guys)))
Finally ive finished dis post)))) March is not so easy month for me cuz i should to do a lot of things on my work, after work plus dont miss my workouts 3 times of a week))) Fitness came in my life 11 monthes ago n im absolutelly happy that it happend))) Fitness is not my first time when i do sport))) 
My first meeting with sport was when i was 10, i was plumpy kid, me n my parents were confused ab this n i started karate)) n no, I not involved in competitions it looked like physical activity 4 plump kid)) when i was 10 i understood one thing: "sport is best way for loosting weight"!!! :))
When i was 16 i was interested by boxing))) i'm absolutely serious, now!))) boxing workouts is hardest workouts ever!!)) 1 workout is 3 hours of intense physical activity, its really hard... believe me)) In 18 i understood that boxing its not mine type of sport...
In 25 when i got weight, i decided to do something with it!! I know about magic effect of sport, since my 10 years)) thats why 11 months ago was my first workout in gym))All i can say, fitness is absolutely mine type of sport n im absolutely happy to have it in my life))))
This post is not professional article ab fitness, this post just based on my own actions, my own minds, my own opinion n my own experience))) Now i wanna share it with u))))
So let's go, guys...
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03 March 2015

Gym Day Outfit

Hello hommies!!:))
Really happy to see u here;) This time i wanna share with u outfit i'd like to wear for one of this gym days;) Sportchic plus layering its perfect decision for this days cuz u need to take this big sport bag with ur sportwear for workout n containers with healthy food.
Hope u'll like dis look as im;))) Next time i'll share with u my 11th months experience of gym n workouts:)) Oh gosh! i like to be soo useful to all u, my luvs:)))) So, stay turned;)))
Have a cool first week of spring;))
xoxo Girly 

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