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02 May 2011

Bday party / Vodka Bar night / Fav skirt

Hi sweatyz!!:))))) 

I would like 2 tell u ab bday party of  my best friend. It was 15th april in one of popular club in Kiev. That week was so hard 4 me coz was sooooo many assigments in my work  n after work time we met with my boo n with realtor to find new apartaments 4 my boo during all week... Bday party was at friday n oh god i was so so tired after another one hard work day but i found forces in myself prepared to the party and look great =))))) so party begun at 11pm n all guests came to friend's home to present gifts n after dat we called taxi n went to the club =))) n omg I LUV CLUBS SO SO MUCH u even cant image how much!!! i luv have a great time with great ppl, dance all night n present myself 4 another ppl =))) in clubs i feel urself so so comfy!!! Dat evening i first time wear my fav orange skirt=)) i desided made accent on skirt n wear black shirt, black heels, black belt n black clutch n oh god i luv dis one outfit really much!!=)) party was like allways great, dat day was rnb party(ohh god i like dis one music very very much n i thought dat black ppl r genius of music!!) we eat, we drunk, we had fun, we danced, we enjoyed. So look the picz n enjoyed 2 =))

orange zara skirt
black tally weijl top
black accessorize clutch
black shoes
black belt

Party Picz
vodka - connectin ppl

my lovely shoes
zara skirt
tally weijl shirt
random heels
accessoriez clutch
xo xo ur girly girl

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