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30 August 2011

Golden Sands. Shoppin

Hello again dears =)
Dis one post ab our shopping in Varna. So was sunday n we desides bought some gifts 4 ourself n 4 our familys n we took taxi n came in Varna's Grand Mall. After shoppin we went to eat, as allways after shoppin =) n then we came back to Golden Sands n again we get drunk n again we went clubin =)
So in Varna i bought:
  1. Bag. It's camel color n omg omg omg i luv luv luv it so much!!!!! n it luks so so awesome!! n besides in my county the same bag is cist in 5-th times expensive, so i economized =)   
  2. Martini Gold. Me n my mom like soooo much Martini :) n as for our sad in my country we havent Martini Gold but now my family have one boutle =))
  3. Also much more chocolate(my family likes so much sweet things), gums(in my country we have not gud choise of it n im fun of gums) n cosmetics.
Ab outfit: i desided wear comfy stufs n i think that there is no great outfit 4 summer shopin than white skirt, white wedges with some simple t-shirt n belt =) n hope u'll like it =)
Dis things shoked me: guyz in Varna's mall ppl looked on me like i'm naked celebrity... i was shoked!!!! coz 4 my country outfits like dis one is very simple n it is casual in summer time...  Also i was impressed when i saw many galz without heelz n with nocolors outfits!!! dey r look soo grey everytime!!! I like so much black girls coz they r as ukrainian girls everytime wear heelz(sometimes very uncomfy heelz) n shorty skirts n dresess n dont afraid to be sexy or lookin extra great=) So after all dis i wanna say: Girls u r Girls!!! Colors, mini skirts, girlys or female dresses n heels is must haves!!! its make u feel urself a woman!!! it is also ur arms in hard male's word!!! n plz dont forget ab it !!! Dont afraid to be beautyful ladys!!!
In next post i'll write ab some bad things... But now enjoyed my outfit, hahah =)
xoxo Girly

Golden Sands. Beach time

Hello guyz!! =)
I show u in dis one post all beach's picz which one made in different dayz. So luk @ picz n n enjoy n remember ur dis year's summer time :)
xoxo Girly 

dis 2 picz show u girlz with really really hard hangover

Our beach time everytime finished searchin some drinks. Dis picz callin "what will we drink dis evenin?"

22 August 2011

Golden Sands. Night 1

Hey guyz!!!
As i told u early i made post ab our first night in Golden Sands so dis is it. So after supper we went to shop n bought some alcohol n then we came in our hotel room n prepared to club n drunk,as allways...;) n then go to club. First night we desided go to Arrogance club n we had chillin dere another 6 nights. What can i say ab dis club? Not bad club with pleasant music... So in club we also drunk shots n longs, but that coctails was with lil part of alcohol... So dats why we went to shop n bought 2 boutle of shampange n went drink it on the beach:)) we met dere some poland guyz: we tallk, we drink n after we all drink all champange we went in club again n had fun dere:))) OMG i've just read what i wrote n think: "dis is story of alcohoalic" ;)))  but seariosly me n other 3 galz r just party galz:)) Anyway i was happy all time in Golden Sands coz i like be a lil drunk n had funn time in clubs:))) n my hollydayz was SOOOOO COOOL!!! 
Ab outfit: dat night i desided wear my fav one top, leggins n black heelz n 
Ab make-up: for almost black outfit more apt is smokey eyes. n ogange lips with neon green nails is a lil crazy combinations =D Hope u'll like it 2:)    

See picz n enjoy  

21 August 2011

Golden Sands. Day 1

Hello everyone!!!=))
I came back home n now i would tell u ab my Summer Hollydays 2011 in Golden Sands :) First of all... I'M IN LUV WITH DIS ONE PLACE!!!!!!!:))) There was sooooooo cool!!! Everybodys was young n drunk n party was in day time on a beach n at night  at clubs;)) n my chillin dere was soooo cool!!! also there was some things which i dont like but ab bad we'll talk lil later:) So 1st day. Our hollydays begun with adventures, when we went to airport begun sooo hard traffic maybe 1 hour we just stay on the road n after hard traffic our car stoped police coz we fast rided coz we had lil time to get to airport but tnx God we didnt late at our airplane:) in Dutty Free we bought coca-cola n scotch n made coctails:)) n came at Golden Sands drunk:))) ohh n all hollydays we were at 2 state: drunk n with hangover:)) n besides in Bulgaria alcohol is a SUCKS!!! In Ukraine very hight-quallity alcohol, especially vodka n now im sure ab dis!!! n besides very chip:) 
Guys i wanna tell u: i'm not alcoholic, im just party girl!!!=)) but yea our nation drink alcohol much more than some another one nations, but as ukrainian i'm drinkin alcohol really really not so much... 
First thing what we did in Golden Sands we went to eat in very cute place n we eat a lot n comparatively chip, coz in my country prices r very expensive n after dat we came at hotel room took shower n went to the club!!!:)) u'll see picz n read story ab our first night in GS in next post... 
So look at picz n enjoy:))
xoxo Girly 

we r goin to airport 

dis is general Ukraina's airport, besides very awesome as 4 my country :)

we r makin coctails with scotch n coca-cola, plz more scotch n less cola ;)) 

 Allways Coca-Colla ;)))

last pic in Ukraine

Cheers galz

in Varna's airport

galz r rockiiiin =D

dis is Golden Sands met 4 Ukrainians party galz

Cheers gals for crazy time here

Tally Weijll Shorts
Tally Weijll Shirt
Stradivarius jacket
Gloria Jeans belt
Jennyfer braslet
White wedges
Beige bag

03 August 2011

Summer basic or One day before vacation

Hi everyone!!!
Dis is my last post before my vacation in Bulgaria ;))) OMG i cant wait it!!! i'll be dere 5-th august n i cant cant cant wait it, lol :)) Today was my last day in work before my vacation n i really really tired :(( was so many tasks but finelly my work day finished :)) i cant image how i'll be live without my clients dis 7 days coz my life was  JUST WORK last time... n i still dont belive i'll be chillin on a beach n clubbin sooooo soon ;)) n i cant wait to show u picz n my outfits :))
Ab outfit: I wear dis one basic outfit in one of my work day n that evenin i met with Nastya. In  summer day time  i luv so much white stuffs!! Also im in luv with tshirts with naced shoulder really really much!! Everyday i prefer basic style n hope u'll like one of my summer basic outfit ;))
xoxo Girly   

top Tally Weijl
shorts Jennyfer
white Wedges
beige Bag