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24 December 2011

Boys + Heels = My Inspiration

Hello sweetys!! :))
Hope ur pre-cristmas mood is really really good... As 4 me all last week was crazy... So...
Girly's Life: Last week every single day after work time i was busy... I had prepare 4 my bday party n next week i'll prepare 4 New Year Party.. oh poore poore Girly...
Girly's B'day  My B'day is today!!!! Yea, 24-th December :)))) but im orthodox n our cristmas is 7-th January... anyway, i have celebrations with whole catholics n dats really nice :))) Today im already 23 years old... i cant belive... time is goin so fast...  My B'day party will be in club;))) n all party's  n outfit picz  u'll see soon :)
 Girly's New Year Party(NYP) We r othodoxes celebrate New Year as catholics r celebratin cristmas (with Santa's visit n gifts:) ) N dis new year party will be in my summer villa with my friends :)))) n omg it gonna be crazy!!!! :)) n i promise u'll make sure ab dis from NYP's post :) n i already have 2 outfits 4 dis one party:))) cant wait to wear it....
Girly's Outfit:  I was inspired by Ukrainians dance crew "Kazaky" 4 long time... n i desided realise their style in life, Girly's life:) i wore dis dress with awesome shoulders n my fav rocker boots n i like result :) So look video n picz by Kakaky n enjoyed...

Mary Xmas luvs!!! Hou-hou-hou :) 
Xoxo Girly


13 December 2011

Fall is art time

 I would like to tell u ab my visit openin of 4 exibitions in Pinchuk Art Centre. I like visited interesting places, so i was happy when i read ab opening of this exibitions:) I was there with my bff Nastya n she didnt like everythin but I did:) I liked 2 exibitions which r callin "Collection Platform 2. Circulation"  n "Pinchuk art centre  prize 20 shortlisted artists" n of coure i'll show  u my fav exhibits in dis one post ;) 
Outfit: I didnt know what to wear for... n then i desided wear something classic... n i choose totally black outfit :) allways chic :)
 So look at picz n enjoyed ;)))))
xoxo Girly
Outfit picz:

Faved exhibits: