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29 January 2016

Cozy Friday

Hello, my homies!!!
Well, today i'd like to share with u coziest pics which inspired me nowadays:)) There are no prettiest then warm sweaters for last weekend of January:)) I happy admit that we need to wait just one month for spring time:))) But, now we still have opportunity to enjoy of cozy weekend in cozy clothes with cap of cocoa with marshmallows:))
Enjoy your winter weekends, guys!;)  
xoxo Girly

25 January 2016

Sweater & Skirt for Winter

Hello guys;))
Tnx u all for ur amazin comments for prev post n ur amazing support;)))) This time i'd like to share with u outfit post;))) I love soooo much mini skater skirts n i try don't miss oportunity to wear them, even in winter time:)) So, at winter I usually pair skirts with cozy n warm sweaters, black tights n comzy flat boots;)) As outwear i use fur coat which helps me to keep warm everytime;)  plus i don't forget ab hat;) Ok girls, Ive told u ab my preferences, so now is ur turn to give me answears ab ur fave winter pieces:) 
Let's go, skirts or pants? hat or caps or nothing? fur coat or parka? 
Happy January!!! ;))
xoxo Girly
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15 January 2016

Style Ideas: Homewear

Hello, my hommies!!!
Tnx, tnx u sooooo much for ur amazin comments for prev post!!;)) This time i would to share with u some style ideas ab sooo cute homewear;))) When i saw those sets i wanted to post them here cuz we should look sooo cute even at home, right girls?:) Do u like them as much as i'm??:) What is ur faved one??;))
Enjoy ur January, hommies!!;)) 
xoxo Girly
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04 January 2016

Lazy Holidays

Hello my hommies!!!
I'm happy to see u again in new year:))) How was ur New Year Eve? My celebration was with sooo close friends:)) Then i've had amazin 4 days of holidays:)) Last 2 years i've spent my Xmas holidays in trips: 2014-2015 at Lithuania n 2013-2014 at SlovakiaAustriaCzech Republic n Germany. Well, this year i've desided to have lazy holidays with my bf at our bed:))) It was soooo cool time with him, our faved shows n movies, funny videos plus a lot of sweets:))) This moodboard post show u athmosphere of my holidays:)) 
So, now is ur turn to tell me ab ur holidays, my lovlies:))) 
Happy 2016, guys!!;))
xoxo Girly