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21 August 2011

Golden Sands. Day 1

Hello everyone!!!=))
I came back home n now i would tell u ab my Summer Hollydays 2011 in Golden Sands :) First of all... I'M IN LUV WITH DIS ONE PLACE!!!!!!!:))) There was sooooooo cool!!! Everybodys was young n drunk n party was in day time on a beach n at night  at clubs;)) n my chillin dere was soooo cool!!! also there was some things which i dont like but ab bad we'll talk lil later:) So 1st day. Our hollydays begun with adventures, when we went to airport begun sooo hard traffic maybe 1 hour we just stay on the road n after hard traffic our car stoped police coz we fast rided coz we had lil time to get to airport but tnx God we didnt late at our airplane:) in Dutty Free we bought coca-cola n scotch n made coctails:)) n came at Golden Sands drunk:))) ohh n all hollydays we were at 2 state: drunk n with hangover:)) n besides in Bulgaria alcohol is a SUCKS!!! In Ukraine very hight-quallity alcohol, especially vodka n now im sure ab dis!!! n besides very chip:) 
Guys i wanna tell u: i'm not alcoholic, im just party girl!!!=)) but yea our nation drink alcohol much more than some another one nations, but as ukrainian i'm drinkin alcohol really really not so much... 
First thing what we did in Golden Sands we went to eat in very cute place n we eat a lot n comparatively chip, coz in my country prices r very expensive n after dat we came at hotel room took shower n went to the club!!!:)) u'll see picz n read story ab our first night in GS in next post... 
So look at picz n enjoy:))
xoxo Girly 

we r goin to airport 

dis is general Ukraina's airport, besides very awesome as 4 my country :)

we r makin coctails with scotch n coca-cola, plz more scotch n less cola ;)) 

 Allways Coca-Colla ;)))

last pic in Ukraine

Cheers galz

in Varna's airport

galz r rockiiiin =D

dis is Golden Sands met 4 Ukrainians party galz

Cheers gals for crazy time here

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