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28 March 2014

Girly's Curls.

Hello guyz!!!
Tnx so so much for ur amazin comments for prev post:)))) It means a lot for me:))) i'll try to visit all ur blogs n left something pleasant for u, my lovies:))  
All my life i have straight hair n all my life i wanna curly or wavy hair, so typical for girls, right?:))) U can say, hey girl, if u wanna curly hair so curl it. Yea, but i have problem... my hair is so hard to stow and fix :(( For example, if i'm using a curling iron then my hairstyle lasts 1,5 or 2 hours with lots of hairspray!!!:(( That's why im using hair curlers. Im tried a lot of them n finelly i've founded the best for me:) n it called "Magic Leverag". I've bought them in some  ukrainian beauty store n i cant tell where u can buy it in ur countries:( But, if we are girls want something we will get it, right?:))  
Also, i wanna share with u my secret of makin curls:
Step 1. I apply spray for curls on wet hair (i'm using "Wellaflex. Curls and Waves").
Step 2. I put my "Magic Leverag" on hair n left them for whole night.
Step 3. I take off curlers in the morning n fix my curls by hairspray (im using "Wella Forte. Maximum hold up to 24H. Long Hair"). I repeat fixing my curls 3 times of a day.
Result: U can see my curls on pic after 18 hours:)) 
Hope my post is useful for u:) Happy weekend my lovely girls:))  
xoxo Girly
        Tutorial of using "Magic Leverag": 

14 March 2014

Xmas Holidays Diary. Dresden (Germany).

Hello guyz!
Dis is last post of "Xmas Holidays Diary", finelly, in March:)) Dis time its Dresden, Germany. Dresden is amazin city!!!! I've liked it sooo much n i wanna come back here:)) First of all, i wanna admit amazin architecture of old town n new city. Dresden is amazin place for great walkin n good shopping on Prada Straße (Prada str.). Its my second time in Germany n i wanna say that the best shopping is in Germany, as for me. We spend just 8 hours in Dresden, we had walking, some last shopping on last money, as allways in the end of travel:)) n finished our free time at Starbucks:))) 
All i wanna say ab this tour is "Travelling is allways good idea":) It was amazin holidays n i wanna recommend u to go travel at every holiday what u have:) 
Wishin peace for all of u!!! :))
xoxo Girly
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