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28 July 2011

Touch of pink

Hello guyz!!!
First of all i wanna tell "thank you 4 ur support" to . It means a lot 4 me... N besides im in luv with all ur shoes!!!!! n when i saw price some of them i was cry... im seriosly! coz in my country there r not so chip price n im crazy ab chic shoes:(( n Sweety i luv so much ur blog!!!;)))
My days now is work-home-work-home:(( very borin so dats why i wanna much n much more my vacation.... n  tnx god it will be in one week =)))
Ab outfit: I wore this one outfit in b'day party of one guy. Oh besides after dat party me n Nastya went to club, lol =D I wore fav hot pink zara skirt with black top(i have it 2 or 3 years) n fav chic n comfy black heels. I like so much wear some colorful stufs with basic colors (almost its black or white) n at the same time i make accent on colorful thing in my outfit. I like dis one outfit n i desided will wear it in one of crazy nights in my vacation ;))))))
xoxo Girly
   skirt Zara
      top Terranova
      clutch Accessorize

20 July 2011

Wedges Wedges or Cant wait my vacation

Hello visitors!!=)))
Dis is a really really quickly post coz im super tired on my work... n i havent 2 weekend (9th n 16th-17th of july) CAN U IMAGE!!!! Why dis happened?? ok i'll tell u why!! coz we had study-training from work 4 all employees from my department!! 2 weekends in succession!!! ugggghhhhh!!!! im angry coz im tired n im tired coz im angry ab dis!!! yeap my life is my work now... n dats why i wanna much more my vacation. I wanna 5-th of august coz i'll be in dis one day in Bulgaria =))))) OMG i cant wait!!!!=))
Outfit: Simple n comfy outfit. White shirt, jeans shorts n white fav wedges is great combo in hot summer day...

03 July 2011

Crazy ab heels

Im really really crazy ab all fab n chic shoes!!! I luv colorful heels so i desided make post ab it so girls look at picz n enjoy=))) 
xoxo Girly