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22 September 2014

Girly's Holidays. Days in Cyprus

Hello guys))
Im continuing my Holiday's Diary in Cyprus)) In this post i wanna tell u what u should to try in this island n in Ayia-Napa))) Ok, let's read list "Tourist u should to try dis", based on my expirience:
Frozen yougurt. U can try it clean or with some tasty things as fruits, jam/honey/caramel, sweets, etc. Its really nice dessert.    
Ice-cream with mastic. This ice-cream has specific taste but its soooo yami)) U cant find it in Ayia-Napa but u can try it in Larnaka city or Protaras.
Seafood. "Ocean Bucket" is the best place where u can eat seafood as mussels n shrimp with amazin souses. 
Drinks with ice. I dont know reason why(maybe its just becuz is tooo hot on Cyprus) but all drinks with ice (with alcohol or without) are sooooo tasty, lol)))
T-shirt from Ayia-Napa. U should to buy as minimum one top with Ayia-Napa print)))) becuz its the best place for crazy holidays))))) u don't believe me?)) Ok, then be ready to see my next post ab Night Life in Ayia-Napa, ab Street of Bars n ab 1 of 100 best world's clubs))))
Wishing u easy work week:))
xoxo Girly     

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10 September 2014

Girly's Holidays. Cyprus. Nissi Beach

Hello guyz))))
It's been a while till my last post. There were too manny things happend with me for this month. One of those things was my holidays at Cyprus in Ayia Napa:))))) Honestly, it was best holidays i've ever had!!!:))))) If ur young, if u like parties, if u like clubbing n if u like fun then... u should go at this amazin place!!!:)))))) 
I'm happy to share with u first post ab my best holidays. It's ab amazin beach - Nissi Beach. Nissi Beach is beach for young people with several bars where u can eat so tasty food, dring all types of coctails n enjoy music even lying on a sun-lounger;))) Sea has wonderful bright turquoise color, nature of beach is perfect:))) Nissi Beach is amazin place!!!:)))) 
In this post im showing u pics in swimsuit n show u my first step of a way for perfect body))) So yeap, i've done just first step, i lost 10 kg's since april:))) But after my holidays i had break with my work-outs for 3 weeks... It was hard to get back for them plus my results have worsened than before holidays:((( So girls, forget ab any long break with ur work-outs, pleace believe my expirience:)) Hope u'll like pics n post:)))))
Have a wonderful September:)))
xoxo Girly   
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