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10 April 2011

Shopping Night

"Shopping Night" begun in Ukraine recently. First time was 24 september 2010 just in Kiev n the second time was 25 march 2011, but dis time in the most big cityes of  Ukraine. I really luv dis nights coz @ 1st u can buy stufs with great discounts n @ 2nd  u can demonstrate urself 4 another ppl ;-)) n i luv so much dis bouth thingz ;-)) All day i was crazy, crazy ab dat night)) In the mornin i already knew what i wore but all time i were nervous ab one zara's skirt coz i afraid someone else buy it n i will be without it... i kno im crazy ;-)) really really crazy ;-)) I saw dis one skirt in monday(21.03) evenin after salary n im in luv with it ;-)) But i didnt buy it coz wanna save my money n buy skirt with discounts at "Shopping Night" ;-))

"Shopping Night" begun @ 10p.m. n we (me n ma friend Nastya) was dere @ 9:55, lol. At 1st we went to Zara to ma skirt, hehe, n i bought it!!!;-))) was not much ppl dere, was all sizes but..... but dis skirt was without discounts ;-((( i was shoked ab it, but i cant resist of dis one skirt n bought it ;-)) also i bought hair accessories, cute intimate shorts, white cute shirt n violet polo-shirt 2 my boo ;-)) after shoppin me n ma friend Nastya(in eng. she’s name is Stasy) went 2 sushi bar n we eated sushi n drunk coctails ;-)) dat night i spend $100, my salary is $300 n now i cant wait next salary ;-)) n ma parents with ma boo said everyday 2 me: "u r such of crazy shopaholic". Anyway i in luv of my new stufs n i hope u'll like it 2 ;-))

Picz with outfit n new stufs:
 Ma outfit dat evenin

Terranova sweater
Terranova (4 years old) shorts
Peacocks accessorise
Random tights
Random shoes
Ramdom bag
My purchases 

i made dis pic after i gave violet polo-shirt, but next time i'll tell u ab his performance n show picz where he wore it ;-))

I really really luv dis skirt!!! It's so cute n pretty, in dis skirt every gal will feel urself like a princess
;-)) secondly dis skirt is so so so hight-quallity n  i luv sooo much great stufs!! I already have 3 outfitfs with dis skirt =D n u'll see it soon :-))

Its so so cute white shirt n it will be actual 4ever ;-)) I wanna wear it with leggins, jeans, shorts n u can see dis outfit lil later :-

ANOTHER STUFS without comments :-))   

Okay see ya soon.....

xoxo ur girly girl