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24 December 2011

Boys + Heels = My Inspiration

Hello sweetys!! :))
Hope ur pre-cristmas mood is really really good... As 4 me all last week was crazy... So...
Girly's Life: Last week every single day after work time i was busy... I had prepare 4 my bday party n next week i'll prepare 4 New Year Party.. oh poore poore Girly...
Girly's B'day  My B'day is today!!!! Yea, 24-th December :)))) but im orthodox n our cristmas is 7-th January... anyway, i have celebrations with whole catholics n dats really nice :))) Today im already 23 years old... i cant belive... time is goin so fast...  My B'day party will be in club;))) n all party's  n outfit picz  u'll see soon :)
 Girly's New Year Party(NYP) We r othodoxes celebrate New Year as catholics r celebratin cristmas (with Santa's visit n gifts:) ) N dis new year party will be in my summer villa with my friends :)))) n omg it gonna be crazy!!!! :)) n i promise u'll make sure ab dis from NYP's post :) n i already have 2 outfits 4 dis one party:))) cant wait to wear it....
Girly's Outfit:  I was inspired by Ukrainians dance crew "Kazaky" 4 long time... n i desided realise their style in life, Girly's life:) i wore dis dress with awesome shoulders n my fav rocker boots n i like result :) So look video n picz by Kakaky n enjoyed...

Mary Xmas luvs!!! Hou-hou-hou :) 
Xoxo Girly


13 December 2011

Fall is art time

 I would like to tell u ab my visit openin of 4 exibitions in Pinchuk Art Centre. I like visited interesting places, so i was happy when i read ab opening of this exibitions:) I was there with my bff Nastya n she didnt like everythin but I did:) I liked 2 exibitions which r callin "Collection Platform 2. Circulation"  n "Pinchuk art centre  prize 20 shortlisted artists" n of coure i'll show  u my fav exhibits in dis one post ;) 
Outfit: I didnt know what to wear for... n then i desided wear something classic... n i choose totally black outfit :) allways chic :)
 So look at picz n enjoyed ;)))))
xoxo Girly
Outfit picz:

Faved exhibits:

30 November 2011

Cute, Hair, Denim, Boots, Armchair

Hi hommies!!!
Girly's Life: Dis is quick post coz tommorrow i'll need to wake up early 4 work... =(( wanna sllep all day!!! I like my new work so much, like work's guyz n i like dat in work time im workin n do it well (in my prev company at every end of hour girls meet in smoking room for gossips, intrigues etc. n ofcourse we were bad workers:( but finely everythin is ok =D). Also in Kiev is cold n wind weather n its Killin me!!=(( Ugghh!!
Outfit: I wore dis outfit in work, on shopping night(it was in the end of september) n on clubbin. Its very simple but i like dis look!!! Black or white sweater(top, t-shirt)  + jeans + chic boots = u r gordeous everytime, everywhere  n whatever happend :)
Have a nice week sweetys ;))))
xoxo Girly

21 November 2011

Roc Me Out

Hello guyz!!! ;)
Girly's Life: Finelly i have lil time to make post. Last week was so intensive n had many events... n my life changed cardinally coz i changed my job!!! I changed company but i dont changed specific of work n my position. Why did i do dat? coz in my new company ettlings is more than on former job ;)) n tommorow my first day in new company n i lil nervious :) So last friday i had last day on my former company n after work day we had corporative party n after dis party we all (me my bff Nastya n my work's guyz n ex-bosses) went to club!!! :))) its crazy, i know!!! its just in Ukraine possible :)))) picz from dis cluubin i'll show u latter:) also i'll show u soon picz from artcentre which one me n Nastya visited several weekends ago (u'll see picz with my outfit + picz with fav exhibits)
Why "Roc Me Out"?: Guuuyz i luv luv luv sooooo much dis one song by R!!! I listen dis song several times on a day n yea i'm fun of it!!! Also its my new ringtone n already post's name of my personal blog :)  
Outfit: I wore dis outfit in one of my work day. I luv luv luv my  leather shorts  n my so rock boots.  Dis fall im in luv with leather stuffs n rock style!!! n dis one look its like  my vision of "Roc Me Out" outfit so... enjoy picz n my fav song ;)))
xoxo Girly



11 November 2011

Skirt n Flowers

Hello guyz :))
Dis is so quickly post coz i'll meet with my friends till 15 min n we'll go in some cute place to get warm:)) Now in Kiev is sooo much cold :(( i hate cold sooo much!!!! temperature is 2C(36F) just right now :(( n today i'll wear my winter natural fur jacket... of course i luv animals but at the same time i hate our Ukrainian's cold winters.... So maybe dats why i desided put my summer outfit which one i wore in the end of summer in my work :) Hope u'll like it like me ;))
xoxo Girly 

01 November 2011

Last warm weekend in leather shorts

Hello guyz!!!
I made dis one shoot in last warm weekend. It was september's sunday, the weather was great n me with my bff desided walk in center of Kiev. U know last 6 years i went in center just 4 shopping but dis time was just walkin n shootin n enjoyin warm weather. Also it was my first weekend afted hollydays without alcohol :) n again i told u: im not alcohoalic, im just party girl :) So our walk begun on Besarabskaya square n ended in Maryinsiy park near Doll's theatre... Ohhhhh it was great spending time:))
Outfit: Dis one time i wore black basic blazer(i luv luv luv it coz as for me its perfect n was sooo hard for me 2 found it), satin blouse n leather shorts(my luvs, my favs n besides very chip, just 40$ n for Ukraine its very chip price as for trend's stuff) 

So lookin picz n enjoyed ;))
xoxo Girly

Blazer - Mango
Blouse - O'stin
Shorts - Oggi
Bag - from Bulgaria

14 October 2011

Bday party again, leather pants again

 Hello sweetys!!! 
I would like to tell u ab b'day party of my friend which one was in Boulgaria with me. Dis one party was in the end of august n also it was our first meetin after hollydays :) n all evenin we told guyz all funniest hollyday's storys n joyks :) Was great :)) At first we came to her bff's apartaments, we eat drunk n tallkin. U know after hollydays, me n girls can drink much n felt great n be not so drunk :) I think so coz maybe in 3 a.m. guyz got drunk n felt bad, n we girls drink the same much as guys, but we felt great n in 4 a.m. we took taxi n went to club:))) n guyz stayed at home :) so we came at club maybe at 4:30a.m. n were dere till club clossed :) was funny n great:))))
Ab outfit: I desided wear my fav leater pants, my fav camel bag(i bought it in Bulgaria) n grey blouse with bow (i bought it on a sale n i payed just 2 euros!! can u image!!!4 Ukraine its unbelivible price!!) n ofcource red lipstic :) Hope u'll like it :)

xoxo Girly                                                                              


09 October 2011

Golden Sands All

Its been long time sinse my last post... I were so busy n so many changes happend with me last mounth... Fist of all i change direction of my work n i begun be manager of different software... n last times all i did it was studdin... But whatever happend i put  interestin hollyday's picz n storyz in dis one Big Post :)))
Boho Tottaly White Outfit:
I wore dis one outfit in 5th night of my hollyday. Also dis one night we met in club some German guyz n one of them was sooo boring n my friend Nastya made hard joyks of him:) n she joyked with seriosly face:) n omg i laughted so so much all time what we're with guyz :)))) Maybe they thought dat im crazy but whatever:) Yeap was funny that night but... my frend made really bad hard joyk... It was when we spoke with guyz ab our languages. When we discused what me n my friend know in germany's language Nastya told them (can u image  she's really forget dat guys r from Germany):"All i know in germany's language is "Mal, zwei, drei"(one, two, three/1,2,3) n "Hitler ist kaput"(Hitler is destroyed)!!" I were shoked, i were shy but tnx god guyz had great humor n we all laughted ab dis:) After dat we all went to our hotel, guyz bought Egermeister to us n me n Nastya took alcohol n told guyz that we r tired n we said bye-bye to them. N when guyz went away me n my friend went to hotel's terrace n drunk till mornin :) In the mornin we desided go to hotel's breakfast but we took dis one design before 1 hour of breakfast... n what do u think we did all this time? we walkin in whole Goldes Sands in bed's covers!!! lol:)))) Was crazy!!!! :))))
Sorry ab not politically correct phrases in dis topical!!!  but i hope u have great humor n u laughted ab my friend's joyke :)

Drunk Quest
It was our 3rd night in Golden Sands. In the way to club we made pic of every part of Golden Sands n we were drunk so dats why  dis one shoot called "Drunk Quest". But we didn't spend time in club dat night coz on street we met some German guys(another ones, they wasnt guys from my prev topical) n we came with them in germanys pub n we talkin, laughtin, drunk coctails n drunk germany's beer n i told them: ''fuu!! Germany's beer on taste looks like fish'':) they was shoked!!! sorry ab dat all germanys ppl but i said my truth feelin ab ur beer ... I think after my Big post all Germans will hate me, lol :) but i hope they will not ;))) coz i like germans, especially how looks germans guyz:))) So after pub so drunk me n Nastya came to our hotel n continued our drunk quest shoot near pool n hotel :) was funny shoot n u can make it sure if u'll look picz :))

2 drunk guyz slept on bench :))) n of course we made picz with dem :))))

Our german friend was shoked when i asked him made picz with drunk guyz... n he everytime told to us that we r the most funniest ppl which he've ever met :)))

Comin Home
Im coming home, Im coming home, Tell the world, i'm coming home... We was soooo sad when we came back home :((( it was so crazy n funniest n cool hollydays what i've ever had :)) me n girls really miss dat time...U know guyz in the end of my hollydays i understood Golden Sands is my second home!!! With all great n bad things... :)) n i promice i'll be back dere soo soon!!!:))))
Luv ya Bulgaria, Luv ya Golden Sands :))
Will never forget... 
Road to airport... with sucks mood... bye bye Summer Hollyday 2011 :(


30 August 2011

Golden Sands. Shoppin

Hello again dears =)
Dis one post ab our shopping in Varna. So was sunday n we desides bought some gifts 4 ourself n 4 our familys n we took taxi n came in Varna's Grand Mall. After shoppin we went to eat, as allways after shoppin =) n then we came back to Golden Sands n again we get drunk n again we went clubin =)
So in Varna i bought:
  1. Bag. It's camel color n omg omg omg i luv luv luv it so much!!!!! n it luks so so awesome!! n besides in my county the same bag is cist in 5-th times expensive, so i economized =)   
  2. Martini Gold. Me n my mom like soooo much Martini :) n as for our sad in my country we havent Martini Gold but now my family have one boutle =))
  3. Also much more chocolate(my family likes so much sweet things), gums(in my country we have not gud choise of it n im fun of gums) n cosmetics.
Ab outfit: i desided wear comfy stufs n i think that there is no great outfit 4 summer shopin than white skirt, white wedges with some simple t-shirt n belt =) n hope u'll like it =)
Dis things shoked me: guyz in Varna's mall ppl looked on me like i'm naked celebrity... i was shoked!!!! coz 4 my country outfits like dis one is very simple n it is casual in summer time...  Also i was impressed when i saw many galz without heelz n with nocolors outfits!!! dey r look soo grey everytime!!! I like so much black girls coz they r as ukrainian girls everytime wear heelz(sometimes very uncomfy heelz) n shorty skirts n dresess n dont afraid to be sexy or lookin extra great=) So after all dis i wanna say: Girls u r Girls!!! Colors, mini skirts, girlys or female dresses n heels is must haves!!! its make u feel urself a woman!!! it is also ur arms in hard male's word!!! n plz dont forget ab it !!! Dont afraid to be beautyful ladys!!!
In next post i'll write ab some bad things... But now enjoyed my outfit, hahah =)
xoxo Girly

Golden Sands. Beach time

Hello guyz!! =)
I show u in dis one post all beach's picz which one made in different dayz. So luk @ picz n n enjoy n remember ur dis year's summer time :)
xoxo Girly 

dis 2 picz show u girlz with really really hard hangover

Our beach time everytime finished searchin some drinks. Dis picz callin "what will we drink dis evenin?"