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30 December 2015

Bye-Bye 2015

Hello guyz!!!;)))
First of all, i would like to say u thx for all ur congrats:)))) You are amazin!!!:))) Omg, i really can't believe that 2015 is almost finished.... This year gave me a lot of pleasant things as trips to Russia n to Bulgaria, new experience of housekeeping n all fun moments with my family n friends. 2015 has helped me realize what i want from my life n what i should to do for this;))) I hope i reach all my targets in 2016:)) 
Post shows you some "my b'day party" pics, by the way:)))
Thank you guyz for being here in 2015, you are wonderful readers n followers;))) Wishing u all the best in new 2016!!!:))))) See you in new 2016:)))
Happy New Year!!! Happy holidays, luvlies!!!;)))
xoxo Girly

24 December 2015

Mood of my B'day or Xmas Eve

Hello guyz!
Today is a day of catholic Christmas Eve but i'm orthodox n my Christmas is 7th of January... Anyway, today i'll have celebration cuz today is my B'day!:)) Today i'm 27!:) Omg, 27 n i still feel like i'm 20 years old girl:))) Yea, this is big paradox to be orthodox n have birthday at catholic Xmas eve:))) Anyway, my holidays start at 24th december n it happends every year:)) It all becuz...  today is my b'day, 26 th of December is B'day of my brother's wife but this year we'll go to wedding of my bf's friends, 28th of December is my mom's B'day n 31th of December is New Year eve:))  One week, 3 B'day parties n New Year Eve.... I know, it's crazy but it's sooo cool!!!:)) So i wish u to have a cool Xmas holidays:))
Merry Christmas, my luvlies!!;) 
xoxo Girly
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16 December 2015

Touch of Denim

Hello guyz!!;))
How r u doing?? Well, i have to do a looot of things before Xmas holidays, like celebration my b'day, wedding of friends, my mom's b'day n finally new year eve;))) yeap, it's crazy December, guyz!!))) That's why i wanna quickly show u one of my faved outfit, based on vest (here), leather skirt (here) n denim shirt)) Hope u'll like it!!;)) Oh, guyz, tnx u sooo much for all ur adorable comments;))
Happy preparation for Holidays!;)
xoxo Girly
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09 December 2015

Style Ideas: Grey&Black

Hello guys!!!:)))
I was pleased to receive all ur amazin comments for prev post:)) I wanna continue talkin ab grey & black outfits for fall/winter season. This time i would show u 10 outfits, based on those 2 colors;)) I hope u'll find useful stylish decisions at this post;)))
Guyz, now is ur turn to tell me ab ur faved colors combo for fall/winter time;)))  
Happy December, everyone!!;))))
xoxo Girly

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