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25 January 2012

Crackle Nails

I like make interestin manicure n nail polishes eccentric color... Dis is one of my fav combo: light blue with royal blue crackle nail polishes :)
xoxo Girly 

22 January 2012

White Chunky Sweater

Hello everybody!!!
I hate winter, i hate soo cold weather n in dis time i wanna wear something comfy, warm n cute. U even cant image how i was happy when i saw Chunky Sweaters is trend of winter'12 ;)))) I knew i need to buy it :) I was inspired of some catwalk's looks (look at pics) n i desided buy white chunky sweater ;) n i really really much luv it!!! :)
Girly wore it: also I wore dis one sweater at "Show #1" its Ukrainian show like "X factor" or "American Idol". It was several month ago n i used different boots. I liked be on dis show almost cuz we had place in vip-section cuz Nastya's mom is doctor of baby of Ani Lorak (she is Ukrainian celebrity, n she was anchorman of dis one show). It was really great evenin :)
So luk at picz n enjoyed :)))
xoxo Girly

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19 January 2012

Kanye West + Cristine Centenera = Amazin Collection

Hi everyone;))
Dis days i have time to watch fashion shows s/s-2012 n i was in luv with first female collection by Kanye West. I read early he worked ab dat collection with Chirstine Centenera n result was totally great!!!!:) So luk picz n enjoyed ;))))))
xoxo Girly  

Kanye West Spring/Summer-2012

17 January 2012

Hollyday's Shopping

Hey guyz :))
Winter hollyday's time is time for grand sales in Ukraine :) n ofcourse shopaholic as im bought some stuffs ;) n im totally in luv with all of dem!!!!! ;)))))))))) So i bought:

Red warm sweater - Zara
Nude heels - Zara
White blouse with cute dogs - Oggi
White silk lingerie - Oggi
Black belt - Oggi
Navy skinny pants - Gloria Jeans
Gold Earrings - Aldo (i luv big accessories)
Black boots - my fav random store

Im happy to have all my new luvs ;)) Wish all of u girls to have amazin shoppin 4 ever n ever :)))
xoxo Girly

Girly's New Luvs:

09 January 2012

Ma 23th Bday Party

Hello guyz!!!
Girly's life: I'm very great blogger n im posted soo often :)))) Yea i didnt posted 2 weeks n omg it was soooo crazy n sooo fun time in my life =))) I had Bday Party then New Year Eve (it begun 31th december n finished 2th january) n both was totally amazin :))) So @ 1st i wanna tell u ab ma 23th bday party... Ma Bday is 24th December n i had celebration at night (Xmas night of catholics) at club with my 2 galz n they r my close friends n it was AMAZIN!!!!!!!! :))))))))  n yea we were drunk n had sooo many own joyks ab dat night :)) i absolutely satisfiled of my party :))))
Girly's outfit: I was inspired by Kayture n my friend made the same blouse which one she has:) yea i copyed her outfit :))) but ofcourse on me it looks diferent n  besides i wore different stuffs... I wore leather  shorts n boots... Anyway hope u'll like my version :))))) 
So look ma party's picz n enjoyed ;)
xoxo Girly