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14 October 2011

Bday party again, leather pants again

 Hello sweetys!!! 
I would like to tell u ab b'day party of my friend which one was in Boulgaria with me. Dis one party was in the end of august n also it was our first meetin after hollydays :) n all evenin we told guyz all funniest hollyday's storys n joyks :) Was great :)) At first we came to her bff's apartaments, we eat drunk n tallkin. U know after hollydays, me n girls can drink much n felt great n be not so drunk :) I think so coz maybe in 3 a.m. guyz got drunk n felt bad, n we girls drink the same much as guys, but we felt great n in 4 a.m. we took taxi n went to club:))) n guyz stayed at home :) so we came at club maybe at 4:30a.m. n were dere till club clossed :) was funny n great:))))
Ab outfit: I desided wear my fav leater pants, my fav camel bag(i bought it in Bulgaria) n grey blouse with bow (i bought it on a sale n i payed just 2 euros!! can u image!!!4 Ukraine its unbelivible price!!) n ofcource red lipstic :) Hope u'll like it :)

xoxo Girly                                                                              


09 October 2011

Golden Sands All

Its been long time sinse my last post... I were so busy n so many changes happend with me last mounth... Fist of all i change direction of my work n i begun be manager of different software... n last times all i did it was studdin... But whatever happend i put  interestin hollyday's picz n storyz in dis one Big Post :)))
Boho Tottaly White Outfit:
I wore dis one outfit in 5th night of my hollyday. Also dis one night we met in club some German guyz n one of them was sooo boring n my friend Nastya made hard joyks of him:) n she joyked with seriosly face:) n omg i laughted so so much all time what we're with guyz :)))) Maybe they thought dat im crazy but whatever:) Yeap was funny that night but... my frend made really bad hard joyk... It was when we spoke with guyz ab our languages. When we discused what me n my friend know in germany's language Nastya told them (can u image  she's really forget dat guys r from Germany):"All i know in germany's language is "Mal, zwei, drei"(one, two, three/1,2,3) n "Hitler ist kaput"(Hitler is destroyed)!!" I were shoked, i were shy but tnx god guyz had great humor n we all laughted ab dis:) After dat we all went to our hotel, guyz bought Egermeister to us n me n Nastya took alcohol n told guyz that we r tired n we said bye-bye to them. N when guyz went away me n my friend went to hotel's terrace n drunk till mornin :) In the mornin we desided go to hotel's breakfast but we took dis one design before 1 hour of breakfast... n what do u think we did all this time? we walkin in whole Goldes Sands in bed's covers!!! lol:)))) Was crazy!!!! :))))
Sorry ab not politically correct phrases in dis topical!!!  but i hope u have great humor n u laughted ab my friend's joyke :)

Drunk Quest
It was our 3rd night in Golden Sands. In the way to club we made pic of every part of Golden Sands n we were drunk so dats why  dis one shoot called "Drunk Quest". But we didn't spend time in club dat night coz on street we met some German guys(another ones, they wasnt guys from my prev topical) n we came with them in germanys pub n we talkin, laughtin, drunk coctails n drunk germany's beer n i told them: ''fuu!! Germany's beer on taste looks like fish'':) they was shoked!!! sorry ab dat all germanys ppl but i said my truth feelin ab ur beer ... I think after my Big post all Germans will hate me, lol :) but i hope they will not ;))) coz i like germans, especially how looks germans guyz:))) So after pub so drunk me n Nastya came to our hotel n continued our drunk quest shoot near pool n hotel :) was funny shoot n u can make it sure if u'll look picz :))

2 drunk guyz slept on bench :))) n of course we made picz with dem :))))

Our german friend was shoked when i asked him made picz with drunk guyz... n he everytime told to us that we r the most funniest ppl which he've ever met :)))

Comin Home
Im coming home, Im coming home, Tell the world, i'm coming home... We was soooo sad when we came back home :((( it was so crazy n funniest n cool hollydays what i've ever had :)) me n girls really miss dat time...U know guyz in the end of my hollydays i understood Golden Sands is my second home!!! With all great n bad things... :)) n i promice i'll be back dere soo soon!!!:))))
Luv ya Bulgaria, Luv ya Golden Sands :))
Will never forget... 
Road to airport... with sucks mood... bye bye Summer Hollyday 2011 :(