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27 January 2013


Hello, dear readers n visitors:))))
Dis is post ab my bussiness trip into Hannover)))))) All i can say ab dis trip is amazin work time with our lovely Egyptian partners n all their amazin work guys:))) n of course good prices n soooo amazin shopping)))) Ill show u all my  new stunnin clothes n shoes at next post)))))
Thx u 4 ur support n sooo sweet commets :)))) 
xoxo Girly

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07 January 2013

Debt of 2012. First in 2013.

Hello hommies!!!!
Tnx u so so much 4 ur amazin comments))))))))) yea i had debt for u... im talking about dis post n dis picz.... As for sad i have not to much time 4 postin n i even had not too much time for my friends cuz im hard workin.... but dis job give me business trip in another counties n dis time it will be Germany))))))) i cant wait it cuz i like to travel n see interesting places)))))) Hope u'll like dis picz n my outfit)))) 
Ohhh n 4 all orthodox ppl i wanna say: "Marry Xmas!!!":)))  
xoxo Girly