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30 April 2015

Classy Mood

Hello guys!!!)))
Tnx a lot for all ur sweet words))) This quickly post based on my inspiration of timeless classy things. I really like how works  red lips, red nails n classy hight heels as together as not together) Hope, all this pics will inspire u, also))
Have a coolest may:)))
xoxo Girly 

22 April 2015

Timeless Trench

Hello sweets))))
I dont know how ab u but i really cant image springtime without trench coat)) All we know ab all this mixes with trench, like: 
  • "Trench + Pants + Laconic Heeled Sandals" 
  • "Trench + Boyfriend Jeans + Heels" 
  • "Trench + Skiny Jeans + Flats" 
  • "Trench + Flare Jeans + Wedges"... 

Yeap, trench is timeless clothes... that's why i wanna show u timeless outfit, as much as it possible, with this timeless piece of wardrobe))) so i've chosen just all black accessories like heels, clutch n cat-eye sunnies)) What do u think ab timeless clothes n outfits?? How often u wore them?? 
xoxo Girly 

17 April 2015


Hello guys!!!:)))
Whats up, my homies?)) So, this time i wanna write my opinion ab phenomen as #selfie)) A lot of words was said ab #selfie.. is it good or is it bad? Well, i don't know right answer on this question, but time after time, when i've got nothin to do or thinkin "hmm.. i'm lookin not bad today" i take my phone, making pics of urself n posting better one in my insta)) Plus i do like play with all this filtress n options))) All those actions are so typical for girls)))) but, i really can't understand girls who lives of making selfie posts every day or twice n more of day:(( cuz life is so beautiful and most interesting then insta:)))) So, guys, now is ur turn to write me all ur minds ab #selfie))
Happy friday, everyone;)))
xoxo Girly 

09 April 2015


Hello sweeties;))
Tnx so so much for ur sweet comments))) You are amazing!!!))) This time i wanna talk to u ab something intimate but really important thing for us, girls... Yeap, i wanna speak with u ab lingerie... Spring is time to renew your wardrobe! Every year we think ab trends of clothes (as pants, skirts, dresses, etc.), of shoes n bags, of colors n prints. It seems like we absolutely forget ab lingerie n how important is it. This fact motivated me to write post!!)) So, here u'll find quotes n pics which inspire u to go, to find, to buy ur onw "perfect lingerie" n to be real queen))) 
Love urself n care of urself, ladies!!))

"Lingerie is one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe. You can have a wardrobe malfunction if you don't choose the right thing to wear underneath!
Adriana Lima

"I think lingerie plays a big part in how you carry yourself.
Nicole Richie

"Wearing nice lingerie makes me feel really glamorous. I love to splurge on that."

"Lingerie is not about seducing men, it's about embracing womanhood" 
Dita von Teese

"Real elegance is everywhere. Especially in the things that don't show.
Christian Dior

Btw, my absolute favorites are black lingerie with lace details cuz i think there are no sexiest that black lace on woman body))) but i really like to wear cute, pastel n female underwear)) What type of lingerie do u like/wear??)) 
Happy April, loves;))
xoxo Girly