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28 April 2014

Comfy Spring

Hello guyz!! :)
This weekend was amazing ;)) The weather was sooo warm, so sunny... just perfect for walkin in park with friends:)) I desided wear for this my new white sweatshirt n ripped jeans (finelly!!) n finished look by pair of mint slippers, shoulder bag n some gold accessories:)) I felt myself so comfy n stylish... just perfect:))) oh n i really like dis felling:))) girls u know what im talking about, right?:))) 
Btw, on pics u can see me without 3 kg i lost in gym:))) i started workouts with personal trainer  3 weeks ago n now i can see first results... n this is amazin)))) if u wanna some portion of motivation to begin or you are interested of my nourishment, etc... just let me know  i'll write post about this:))))
Enjoy ur spring :))
xoxo Girly

09 April 2014

Girly's Fragrances

Hello guys! :)))
Tnx u a lot for ur sweet comments, for ur visits n for ur support cuz it means so much for me:))))
C. Dior said "A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting" and im agree with him... so, enjoy the pics :))))
Have a wonderful spring week :)
xoxo Girly
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03 April 2014

Spring Weekend.

Hello my hommies:)))
Im so happy cuz spring has came in my city:))) I love spring soooo sooo much becuz its time for promenades with boyfriend or best friend in parks, in public gardens, in interesting places of city;  bbq with family; picnics with friends:)) I luv spring soo much:))
Last weekend officially opened my spring time:) Meets, promenades, friens, warm weather, spring spirit... all this i had last weekend;)) First of all i've met with my bff in some lovely public garden to share our girl's secrets;))) As u can see, I wore my fave bicker jacket, fave baggy n my fave neon pink beanie, some sweatshirt for this short meet. Still can't believe i can wear leather jacket n don't get cold:)) There is nothing better then look like this for some walking, as for me... so simply, so comfy but with some chic element as beanie or sunnies or something else:)) Then i came back home, i've changed my outfit on more right for events and i've met with my boyfriend and our friends and spent whole evening with them:))
Oh, u can see one of these picz at my Instagram :))
Enjoy ur spring time :)
xoxo Girly