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29 December 2014

Bye Bye 2014

Hello my luvs)))))
This is my last post in 2014 cuz tomorrow i'll go to my short holiday's trip)))) This year i'll meet New Year in another counrty, also)))) This time i'll go to Lithuania and Latvia n omg i really cant wait 2morrow))))) 
2014 year was so great for me becuz:
I had a lot of trips
This year i had 3 trips n visited 6 counrties plus i'll have xmass trip n i'll visited 2 new countries
I started going to the gym
7th of April was a big day cuz i had my first work-out)) Gym is a perfect place to clear your mind after a hard day and this is the real way to lose ur weight and  build perfect body.
I found term relationship
I met my bf last year n this year we started live together)) it's a new experience n all i can say - i'm happy guyz)))))
I had a lot of fun with my friends n met a lot of amazin people
This post actually show u lil part of meetings with my luvs:))

Guys i wishing u amazin NY Eve and all the best in New 2015 Year:))) 
xoxo Girly 

19 December 2014

Business Trip to Egypt. Cairo 2014

Hello guyz!!!:))))))
I really can't believe that i'm here.... Last 1.5 monthes was soooo bussy as hell((( i had a lot of work, preparation n celebration b'day of my bf, gym n workouts, starting live together with bf n preparation to my next trip (yea, dis is not joke) on xmass holidays:))) Finelly i have some free minute to make a post n share with u pics ab my business trip to capital of Egypt;))) This is my 2nd time here n all i wanna say is "i'm in love in Cairo!!!". Cairo is the one of biggest city cuz ab 18 millions people live there basically. Can u image 18 millions people?! Its really big city with crazy driving, btw))))) Atmosphere of city is sooo specific, soooo arabic, loud, funny, kindness n warm. Cairo is city of contrasts. Its soooooo wonderful place))))))) 
I wanna share with u what u should to try/buy in Egypt:
Egypt is perfect place where u can buy so fresh so natural n so chip exotic fruits. Trere are soooo big n soooo tasty))       
Egyptian sweets
If u do like nuts n honey u should to buy dis sooooo amaziiiing sweets
Sea food
If u fan of squid, crab, shrimp, mussels, salmon, lots of sea fish then u must to try these dishes. The most tasty sea food i've ever tried)) 
All Egyptians drunk coffee with cardamom thats why coffee is sooo exotic n spicy but soooo tasty))) If u dont like cardamom its not problem, u can try/buy coffee without dis spice)))  
If u want a part of summer in cold winter time go to Egypt, guys)))))
Wishin u amazin December:))
xoxo Girly 
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10 November 2014

Cypress Fall

Hello guys))))
This is a super quickly post cuz i should to do a lot of things n all last week i spend sick at bad:(( The most important new what i have its i'll have work-trip at Cairo this week)))))) i'm so happy ab this)))) 2014 year is rich for travelling n i'll visit 6th counrty for this year)))))) 
I wanna show u just simply classy look in this post)))) What can be easy, elegant n appropriate for any situation then silk blouse, black basic pants n black heels)) I really like to use basic clothes when i don't have any mood/time/etc. for dressing n i need to look great))) 
Okay, im going packing my bags... See u soon with new pics, new emotions n a lot useful tourist information))))
Have a wonderful November;))
xoxo Girly 

27 October 2014

Colors of Fall. Beautiful Kyiv

Hello, guyz)))
I had one-week vacation 2 weeks ago)) I've spent it with my boyfriend here, in Kyiv. I love travelling, i love visit biggest tourist attractions but i've never did it  in my own city where i born and raised. That's why we visited Memorial complex «The National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945».

This is a few words about one of biggest attractions of Kyiv:  
The Memorial occupies the area of 10 hectares and includes the Museum with the monument to Motherland, the main square with valley of hero-cities, sculptural compositions named "Fording the Dnipro and Transfer of Weapons, Heroes of the Front and the Rear" with bronze high relief compositions, "Fire of Glory" Cup, Exposition of Fighting Vehicles and Weaponry, as well as separate building with exhibitions of war relics named "Tragedy and Valor of Afghanistan" and "Wars on Foreign Soil". 
The main exposition block is a three-storey building which is simultaneously a pedestal for Motherland MonumentMotherland Monument is a unique structure. The figure of a woman with a shield and a sword in hands was made of slab stainless steel and erected on a 40-meter cone pedestal. The pedestal is 62 meters high from the bottom up to the point of the sword, the total height is 102 meters, and the weight is approximately 500 tons. Two unique elevators - sloping and vertical - were installed inside the sculpture. There is a panoramic view area for visitors at the level of 36 meters.The Memorial complex is one of the most popular memorials of Ukraine that attracts Kyivans and guests of the city.

We chosen perfect day for our excursion cuz weather was soooo warm and sunny and we enjoyed all this amazin colors of fall in our amazing city))) Im happy to share with u all this beauty))))
Hope u'll like my city as i'm:)))) 
xoxo Girly 
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09 October 2014

Girly's Holidays. Ayia F@ckin Napa

Hello my sweeties!!!)))
This is final post ab my vacation)))) also i prepare for u several interesting posts ab my life, my view of wearing some clothes n fitness)))) but it will be later n now reading post ab best nightlife i've ever lived))))) 
Ayia Napa never sleep)))) Many bars, many clubs, many young ppl, loud music from everywhere.... Perfect place!!!)))) Nightlife beginnin here at 9pm -10pm when opennin Bar Street. This is really long street with sooooooooo sooooooo many bars with a lot of special offer))))) My faved bar was Ambassaden becuz of atmosphere, music, tasty coctails n great offers)))) 
Everynight me n my bff went to club after getting high in bar. Our faved club was Castle Club. Why? Castle Club is one of 100 best clubs in world!!!!)))) Yea, atmosphere here is soooooo cool!!!! Just f**king perfect club!!!))))) The best place of club is RnB Zone n honestly its the best Dance Floor i've ever been, yet;))))) So cool music, great MC, a lot of great dancers n they amazin battles)))) 
Oh guys, dont miss the opportunity to rent ATV cuz is best transport for this cool place:)))) 
When i wrote this post u even cant image how much miss for my holidays and this place:(((( Hope ill come back here someday:))))  
Traveling plus holidays is allways good idea:)) 
xoxo Girly   
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22 September 2014

Girly's Holidays. Days in Cyprus

Hello guys))
Im continuing my Holiday's Diary in Cyprus)) In this post i wanna tell u what u should to try in this island n in Ayia-Napa))) Ok, let's read list "Tourist u should to try dis", based on my expirience:
Frozen yougurt. U can try it clean or with some tasty things as fruits, jam/honey/caramel, sweets, etc. Its really nice dessert.    
Ice-cream with mastic. This ice-cream has specific taste but its soooo yami)) U cant find it in Ayia-Napa but u can try it in Larnaka city or Protaras.
Seafood. "Ocean Bucket" is the best place where u can eat seafood as mussels n shrimp with amazin souses. 
Drinks with ice. I dont know reason why(maybe its just becuz is tooo hot on Cyprus) but all drinks with ice (with alcohol or without) are sooooo tasty, lol)))
T-shirt from Ayia-Napa. U should to buy as minimum one top with Ayia-Napa print)))) becuz its the best place for crazy holidays))))) u don't believe me?)) Ok, then be ready to see my next post ab Night Life in Ayia-Napa, ab Street of Bars n ab 1 of 100 best world's clubs))))
Wishing u easy work week:))
xoxo Girly     

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10 September 2014

Girly's Holidays. Cyprus. Nissi Beach

Hello guyz))))
It's been a while till my last post. There were too manny things happend with me for this month. One of those things was my holidays at Cyprus in Ayia Napa:))))) Honestly, it was best holidays i've ever had!!!:))))) If ur young, if u like parties, if u like clubbing n if u like fun then... u should go at this amazin place!!!:)))))) 
I'm happy to share with u first post ab my best holidays. It's ab amazin beach - Nissi Beach. Nissi Beach is beach for young people with several bars where u can eat so tasty food, dring all types of coctails n enjoy music even lying on a sun-lounger;))) Sea has wonderful bright turquoise color, nature of beach is perfect:))) Nissi Beach is amazin place!!!:)))) 
In this post im showing u pics in swimsuit n show u my first step of a way for perfect body))) So yeap, i've done just first step, i lost 10 kg's since april:))) But after my holidays i had break with my work-outs for 3 weeks... It was hard to get back for them plus my results have worsened than before holidays:((( So girls, forget ab any long break with ur work-outs, pleace believe my expirience:)) Hope u'll like pics n post:)))))
Have a wonderful September:)))
xoxo Girly   
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05 August 2014

Monochrome and Colors

Hello guyz:))
Finally, i'm here, after long 1 monthes break:) July was so hard in emotional way, i cant explain but i feelt myself so tired n so lazy... Now i have vacation n and i'm enjoying every single day:)) In the end of this week i'll go on my holidays))) i really cant wait it)))) this time i'll go on Cyprus in Ayia-Napa:)))) 
Today i wanna share with u some monochrome look with colorful accents like nude heeled sandals n orange bag:))) This is one of my fav outfit for this summer)))) what do u think ab this??:))
Enjoy ur holidays:))
xoxo Girly   

07 July 2014

Insta Girly's World

Hi sweeties!!!
This post show u my feved pics by my instagram, place where i put my girlish photos, my amazing kitty, some my lovely stuffs n random pics:)) i'll be pleased to see u there ;)))))
Enjoy your summer:))
xoxo Girly

01 July 2014

Striped July

Hello Guys!!!:)))))
First of all i wanna say thank you for your soooo sweet comments for my prev post)))) so happy that u liked pics n post)))) This time i wanna share with u so easy but soo girlish outfit what i wore this weekend for event with my relatives))) What can be pefect for hot summer day than navy striped dress paired with flat sandals, some clutch n classy sunnies:))) Girls, what do u think??:)))
Awesome July for all us:))
xoxo Girly