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30 November 2011

Cute, Hair, Denim, Boots, Armchair

Hi hommies!!!
Girly's Life: Dis is quick post coz tommorrow i'll need to wake up early 4 work... =(( wanna sllep all day!!! I like my new work so much, like work's guyz n i like dat in work time im workin n do it well (in my prev company at every end of hour girls meet in smoking room for gossips, intrigues etc. n ofcourse we were bad workers:( but finely everythin is ok =D). Also in Kiev is cold n wind weather n its Killin me!!=(( Ugghh!!
Outfit: I wore dis outfit in work, on shopping night(it was in the end of september) n on clubbin. Its very simple but i like dis look!!! Black or white sweater(top, t-shirt)  + jeans + chic boots = u r gordeous everytime, everywhere  n whatever happend :)
Have a nice week sweetys ;))))
xoxo Girly

21 November 2011

Roc Me Out

Hello guyz!!! ;)
Girly's Life: Finelly i have lil time to make post. Last week was so intensive n had many events... n my life changed cardinally coz i changed my job!!! I changed company but i dont changed specific of work n my position. Why did i do dat? coz in my new company ettlings is more than on former job ;)) n tommorow my first day in new company n i lil nervious :) So last friday i had last day on my former company n after work day we had corporative party n after dis party we all (me my bff Nastya n my work's guyz n ex-bosses) went to club!!! :))) its crazy, i know!!! its just in Ukraine possible :)))) picz from dis cluubin i'll show u latter:) also i'll show u soon picz from artcentre which one me n Nastya visited several weekends ago (u'll see picz with my outfit + picz with fav exhibits)
Why "Roc Me Out"?: Guuuyz i luv luv luv sooooo much dis one song by R!!! I listen dis song several times on a day n yea i'm fun of it!!! Also its my new ringtone n already post's name of my personal blog :)  
Outfit: I wore dis outfit in one of my work day. I luv luv luv my  leather shorts  n my so rock boots.  Dis fall im in luv with leather stuffs n rock style!!! n dis one look its like  my vision of "Roc Me Out" outfit so... enjoy picz n my fav song ;)))
xoxo Girly



11 November 2011

Skirt n Flowers

Hello guyz :))
Dis is so quickly post coz i'll meet with my friends till 15 min n we'll go in some cute place to get warm:)) Now in Kiev is sooo much cold :(( i hate cold sooo much!!!! temperature is 2C(36F) just right now :(( n today i'll wear my winter natural fur jacket... of course i luv animals but at the same time i hate our Ukrainian's cold winters.... So maybe dats why i desided put my summer outfit which one i wore in the end of summer in my work :) Hope u'll like it like me ;))
xoxo Girly 

01 November 2011

Last warm weekend in leather shorts

Hello guyz!!!
I made dis one shoot in last warm weekend. It was september's sunday, the weather was great n me with my bff desided walk in center of Kiev. U know last 6 years i went in center just 4 shopping but dis time was just walkin n shootin n enjoyin warm weather. Also it was my first weekend afted hollydays without alcohol :) n again i told u: im not alcohoalic, im just party girl :) So our walk begun on Besarabskaya square n ended in Maryinsiy park near Doll's theatre... Ohhhhh it was great spending time:))
Outfit: Dis one time i wore black basic blazer(i luv luv luv it coz as for me its perfect n was sooo hard for me 2 found it), satin blouse n leather shorts(my luvs, my favs n besides very chip, just 40$ n for Ukraine its very chip price as for trend's stuff) 

So lookin picz n enjoyed ;))
xoxo Girly

Blazer - Mango
Blouse - O'stin
Shorts - Oggi
Bag - from Bulgaria