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09 December 2012

Lovely Fall

Holla Guyz:))))) 
Finelly i have time to post picz from dis photoshoot))))) Honestly, i cant believe that we had amazin weather like dis cuz now the temperature is - 4C @ day time n snow is everywhere... What can i said ab shoot... It was amazin spendin time))))) n i really like of result)))))) hope u'll like it also)))))) 
Have a wonderful work week))))))
xoxo Girly
Jacket - Zara, clutch - New Look.

25 November 2012

Cairo's Goodies

Hello Guyz!!!!!)))))
I had work trip in Cairo, as i wrote in my prev post. Guyz im in luv with this city soooo soooo much!!!! I liked arabic coulture so much n dats why im at shock ab myself cuz ive never thing before that dis coulture is awesome:)))) n i happy ab changing my mind in a good way:)))) 
I had amazin shopping over there, of course:)))) Ive bought so many gifts for my close ppl n something for myself...  n u can see my "new in"s in dis post:))))))
Have a lovely work week;)))))
xoxo Girly 

11 November 2012

Warm Burgundy.

Hello sweetys!!!! 
Hope everyone of u r great))))) Again one i wanna say tnx 4 ur super sweet comments))))))) Finelly i have time to check out ur amazin blogs n made new one post)))) 
Yeah, im tryin spend my free time with my family n friends... besides im busy on my work but dis is great 4 me cuz 4 my painstakings i'll have bussines trip into the Egypt)))))))))) yahoo))))))))) i still cann't belive then after week i'll be in warm place))))))))) so u all can congrat me)))))))) 
Again one burgundy outfit)) hope u like it)))) Besides i've already bought burgundy skinnys n will show u it in one of next posts))))  
Have a lovely spending time)))
xoxo Girly

04 November 2012


Hello guyz!!!!!!
I had amazin photoshoot yesterday:)))))))) I cant wait to share with u amzin picz by dis shoot!!!! So ive desided to show u dis pic as preview to one of my next post)))) Enjoy)))))) 
Have a wonderful work week everyone))))))))
xoxo Girly

21 October 2012

Classy Girly

Hello my luvlys)))))))) I really miss ya all))))) Sory for the my absence over here n on ur blogs also but im totally busy last time.... my life is sooo intensive n interesting now n for the bloggin i really heavent time(( but anyway bloggie is like my child n ill never stop to wright here)))) Sweetys i really love all you comments 4 my prev post)))))))) tnx u all n every one of u inspired me to develop Girly's World)))) luv yaa))))
xoxo Girly
( heels - New Look / blazer - Mango / skinny - Tally Weijl / blouse - gifted )

29 September 2012

Burgundy nailz

Hey my hommies:)))))
Burgundy mania is still in da Girly's Word ;)))) be sure dis color u'll see soo often in dis blog:))))))) Guuuuyz ive just came back home from club... till so long (5 monthes) break n omg it was AMAZIN!!!!!:)))))))) I met dis night my old good black guyfriend n we both danced as crazy:))))) gosh i really much luv dansin with blacks=))))))) all black ppl ur da BEST DANSERS!!!!!! n i luv ya:))))))))) n as u can see my heath is amazin n im happy ab dis also:)))) n guys my tonight's outfit i'll show in some of my next post!!!:)))))
So wish me sweet dream cuz im goin sleepin:))) n im wishin 4 all ya soooo amazin n crazy weekend:)))))) 
xoxo Girly

22 September 2012

Totally basic

Hi guyz:)))))
How r u doin??? Hope ur fine cuz im not:(( im sick n oh gosh i hate dis feeling:((( anyway it'll stop soon n i'll be with a wonder mood:))) ok, so let's get tallkin ab dis outfit post... I like to wear basic clothes for a walkin or spendin time in park with my friends, like on picz of dis post, by the way:))) Basic style is one of my faved style cuz i allways can keep comfy n can look luvly, at the same time :)) 
Have amazin week n i'll go to my bad to watch movies, drink warm tee n get recovery of ma health ;)
xoxo Girly

14 September 2012

Burgundy love

Holla guyz!!!!
Im in luv with dis trendy color pretty much!!!! I've aready have some burgundy stuffs(on picz) n also wanna burgundy skinny n several blouses:)))) By the way, u can see heelz n clutch here n here.So what do u think ab dis color????
Have a lovely friday:))))))))
xoxo Girly
(sweater, heels, clutch, necklase - New Look)

08 September 2012


Happy Saturday guyz:))))))))
My first fall outfit post is peplum post. Im totally in luv with dis one trend n when ive saw dis one skirt ive already knew it will be mine;))) n now ur lookin it on me:)))) I wore at first time peplum skirt with white silk printed blouse n black pumps n hope u like it as i do:)) Happy weekend sweetys:)))
xoxo Girly 

01 September 2012

Mrs. September

Hello guyz:))))))
Ohhh 2day is 1st september, 1st day of fall 2012... Im sad cuz summer is already finished but also Im happy cuz amazin blogger Gstyle makes me mrs. September on his blog:)))))) Dis is 1st time for me n dis is sooooooo pleasant:)))))))))) Im leather lover n its pleasant at twise 4 me:))))))  If u wanna left ur "like" 4 me i'll be soo happy:)) n u can do dat here .Also u can see dis pic n read story here .
Happy September sweetys
xoxo ur Girly

19 August 2012

Fashion TV eve

I visited dis one party 1 mounth ago. It was really really nice spendin time:) I'll be visit many partys like dis cuz now i have sooo amazin job n im so happy ab dis=)))  Tnx sooo much 4 my new followers n 4 ur supper sweet comments=))) Happy to sharin my life with all u=)))) Have a lovely work week=)))))
xoxo Girly

08 August 2012

Work day's Details

I like wear basic clothes at office. At word day u can see me often on flats. Honestly i like sometimes lookin simple like on dis picz... just white tshirt, navy skirt, colorfull bag n some classy hairstyle :) 
Whatever happend fashion never left me n my life!!;)) n u can make sure ab dis when u look last pic... cuz dis pic is pic on ma work desktop:))) Enjoy ur week:))
xoxo Girly
Outfit picz:

Desktop pic:

07 August 2012

Liebster Award

I've received dis award from Sara (she is amazin blogger Inmysocks  ) has presented me with this award. It's for the blogs that have less tan 100 followers. It's a great idea to introduce your blog to people! :)


Each person must post eleven things about themselves. Answer the eleven questions the tagger has set for you. Choose eleven people and tag them in this post. Follow the tagger and visit at least three of the nominees. 

11 things ab me:
  1. My fav color is pink (from light pink to hot pink)
  2. I cant live without: hight heelz, chiffon blouses, tulip skirts, dresses, leather skinnys, oversize sweaters, studdet boots with hight heelz.
  3. My style icons is Christine Centenera, Anna dello Russo, Mira Duma, Intrigue me now.
  4. My fav designers are A.McQueen, K. Lagerfeld, K. West.
  5. I'm a shopaholic.
  6. I buy new clothes every month.
  7. I like big accessories.
  8. I cant live without lip balm, mascara, eyebrow pensil, eye liner.
  9. I have soooo funny laugh:)))
  10. I like sleep a lot ;)
  11. I belive dreams comes true. All u need is hard to belive;))))))

11 questions I was tagged in:

Q:What do you see through your window?
A: Road

Q: Book or movie?
A: All depend of my mood

Q: Do you have any tattoo?
A: Not yet:)

Q: Favourite city of the world?
A: Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
      There's nothing you can't do, 
      Now you're in New York!!!
Yea its NYC;)))))

Q:How many sunglasses do you have?
A: 3

Q:Why do you start bogging?
A: First blog what ive ever seen was blog of Kelly n i wanna create something like dat but own, of course:))) 

Q: Favourite place to shop?
A: Zara, OGGI, New Look

Q: Best TV serie ever?
A: Gossip Girl n Sex at the City 

Q: Do you like changing your hair?
A: No

Q:Favourite brand?
A: Zara

Q: Somethingh you can't live with?
A: Its hard to say... so many things...

My 11 questions for the tagged people:
  1. How u can descripe ur personal style?
  2. Your style icons?
  3. Your fav celebrity?
  4. Your fav blogger?
  5. Your fav summer clothes?
  6. Flats or heels??
  7. Your fav fragrance?
  8. Your skin care products?
  9. Your hair care products?
  10. Lipstick or lipgloss?
  11. How are you spending summer 2012?

26 July 2012


Hello hommies!!:))))
I wanna tnx all u again 4 ur amazin comments n support:))))))) Its sooooooooo pleasant:))))))))) I find 4 myself sooooo many wonder bloggs!!!:)))))))) n all  u inspired me of makin more interesting posts;))))) tnx 4 dat 2:)))) Ab outfit... its one of ma fav summer look:)))) i pretty much like dis tangerine skirt since i have it:))))) Hope u'll like it=D
Wish u amazin week;)))))
xoxo Girly

15 July 2012

Summer Flats

Holla sweetys:))) First of all i wanna said big "Thank You" to all my new followers n ppl which ones left comments for my prev post:))))))) U r all so kind ppl n i've visited all ur blogs n begun follow all of u:)))) Dis time i wanna share with u my black summer flats which ones i bought dis summer:))) black summer shoes, lol:)) i also had colorful but i desided will show dem in next post:)) hope u'll like dis ones shoes:)) 
Im at work now n our system dont work n im with my work guyz r waitin our system administrator n at the current time we r drinkin whiskey n playin in pocker, lol =D nice workers;))) Enjoy ur sunday
xoxo Girly

28 June 2012

Summer Dreaming

In hot summer day there not most amazin thing than silk or chiffon dress... which one u can wear with heels or with cute flat sandals :))) I luv all kinds of pink color so i couldn't miss the opportunity to buy this dress:)) I like mix of colors on it: hot pink, nude n black. Completed the outfit nude belt n heels n neon pink clutch... Enjoy the picz n summer :))))
xoxo Girly

18 June 2012

Party in red heels

It was another one party which i visited 2 weekends ago.... Honestly, i didnt know what to wear on dis party sooo i wore totally black look with colorfull accents:)) totally black allways helps me when i dont know that to wear:))) ohhh n i really really luv dis heels cuz dey r sooooooo comfy!!!! I've never thought that hight heels like dis ones can be sooo comfortable... besides i've bought it on da sale for really chip price:)) Enjoy ma outfit n party picz:))
xoxo Girly 
Outfit Picz

Party Picz

12 June 2012

Sweet summer time

There is not most amazin time than summer time, as for me... Hot days, warm nights, dresses, skirts n swimmsuits, lazy days on da beach  n amazin summer's songs:)))))) Dats why i decided make post ab sweeties things of summer :-D Enjoy picz n my fav song:))))))))
xoxo Girly

05 June 2012

Look for wedding

It was last weekend of april n also it was wedding of my cousin... All i can say ive never seen most terrible wedding!!!! Fortunately, now i know which one wedding i'll not have, as own:))))
4 dis "amazin" event i decided wear classy lbd with ruby red heelz... simple but chic:))) 
xoxo Girly

31 May 2012

Nails Nails

Im just in luv with dis combo of nail polishes... Light pink n black is lookin good together in dis type of manicure...

Orange Boom
Orange is amazin decision 4 summer time! It looks soooo bright n juicy of everythin especially on da nailz:)