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22 August 2011

Golden Sands. Night 1

Hey guyz!!!
As i told u early i made post ab our first night in Golden Sands so dis is it. So after supper we went to shop n bought some alcohol n then we came in our hotel room n prepared to club n drunk,as allways...;) n then go to club. First night we desided go to Arrogance club n we had chillin dere another 6 nights. What can i say ab dis club? Not bad club with pleasant music... So in club we also drunk shots n longs, but that coctails was with lil part of alcohol... So dats why we went to shop n bought 2 boutle of shampange n went drink it on the beach:)) we met dere some poland guyz: we tallk, we drink n after we all drink all champange we went in club again n had fun dere:))) OMG i've just read what i wrote n think: "dis is story of alcohoalic" ;)))  but seariosly me n other 3 galz r just party galz:)) Anyway i was happy all time in Golden Sands coz i like be a lil drunk n had funn time in clubs:))) n my hollydayz was SOOOOO COOOL!!! 
Ab outfit: dat night i desided wear my fav one top, leggins n black heelz n 
Ab make-up: for almost black outfit more apt is smokey eyes. n ogange lips with neon green nails is a lil crazy combinations =D Hope u'll like it 2:)    

See picz n enjoy  

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  1. You are sexy and didn't I tell you that that shirt is my favorite.


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