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30 August 2011

Golden Sands. Shoppin

Hello again dears =)
Dis one post ab our shopping in Varna. So was sunday n we desides bought some gifts 4 ourself n 4 our familys n we took taxi n came in Varna's Grand Mall. After shoppin we went to eat, as allways after shoppin =) n then we came back to Golden Sands n again we get drunk n again we went clubin =)
So in Varna i bought:
  1. Bag. It's camel color n omg omg omg i luv luv luv it so much!!!!! n it luks so so awesome!! n besides in my county the same bag is cist in 5-th times expensive, so i economized =)   
  2. Martini Gold. Me n my mom like soooo much Martini :) n as for our sad in my country we havent Martini Gold but now my family have one boutle =))
  3. Also much more chocolate(my family likes so much sweet things), gums(in my country we have not gud choise of it n im fun of gums) n cosmetics.
Ab outfit: i desided wear comfy stufs n i think that there is no great outfit 4 summer shopin than white skirt, white wedges with some simple t-shirt n belt =) n hope u'll like it =)
Dis things shoked me: guyz in Varna's mall ppl looked on me like i'm naked celebrity... i was shoked!!!! coz 4 my country outfits like dis one is very simple n it is casual in summer time...  Also i was impressed when i saw many galz without heelz n with nocolors outfits!!! dey r look soo grey everytime!!! I like so much black girls coz they r as ukrainian girls everytime wear heelz(sometimes very uncomfy heelz) n shorty skirts n dresess n dont afraid to be sexy or lookin extra great=) So after all dis i wanna say: Girls u r Girls!!! Colors, mini skirts, girlys or female dresses n heels is must haves!!! its make u feel urself a woman!!! it is also ur arms in hard male's word!!! n plz dont forget ab it !!! Dont afraid to be beautyful ladys!!!
In next post i'll write ab some bad things... But now enjoyed my outfit, hahah =)
xoxo Girly


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