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14 October 2011

Bday party again, leather pants again

 Hello sweetys!!! 
I would like to tell u ab b'day party of my friend which one was in Boulgaria with me. Dis one party was in the end of august n also it was our first meetin after hollydays :) n all evenin we told guyz all funniest hollyday's storys n joyks :) Was great :)) At first we came to her bff's apartaments, we eat drunk n tallkin. U know after hollydays, me n girls can drink much n felt great n be not so drunk :) I think so coz maybe in 3 a.m. guyz got drunk n felt bad, n we girls drink the same much as guys, but we felt great n in 4 a.m. we took taxi n went to club:))) n guyz stayed at home :) so we came at club maybe at 4:30a.m. n were dere till club clossed :) was funny n great:))))
Ab outfit: I desided wear my fav leater pants, my fav camel bag(i bought it in Bulgaria) n grey blouse with bow (i bought it on a sale n i payed just 2 euros!! can u image!!!4 Ukraine its unbelivible price!!) n ofcource red lipstic :) Hope u'll like it :)

xoxo Girly                                                                              


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