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30 November 2011

Cute, Hair, Denim, Boots, Armchair

Hi hommies!!!
Girly's Life: Dis is quick post coz tommorrow i'll need to wake up early 4 work... =(( wanna sllep all day!!! I like my new work so much, like work's guyz n i like dat in work time im workin n do it well (in my prev company at every end of hour girls meet in smoking room for gossips, intrigues etc. n ofcourse we were bad workers:( but finely everythin is ok =D). Also in Kiev is cold n wind weather n its Killin me!!=(( Ugghh!!
Outfit: I wore dis outfit in work, on shopping night(it was in the end of september) n on clubbin. Its very simple but i like dis look!!! Black or white sweater(top, t-shirt)  + jeans + chic boots = u r gordeous everytime, everywhere  n whatever happend :)
Have a nice week sweetys ;))))
xoxo Girly

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