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07 May 2012

Lounge Time

Finelly i have time 4 bloggin:))) My live changed n im really happy ab dis:))) I retired and plan to change the sort of activity cuz i didnt like what i was engaged in last 1,5 years... Im really felling great n hope i'll find so interesting job 4 myself so soon :))) 
So let's go back to post. One of my close friend is administrator in one of amazin Georgian restaurant in Kiev. She invited me n my bff in dis amazin place :))) We chosen lounge zone 4 spending time n everythin was so great... We had amazin mood, we drunk wine(exept administrator of course =D ), we eat fruits  also we eat meat n vegetables prepared on a grill n omg it was really tasty, besides i like so much east cuisine:))) Evening was perfect n when we wanted go home in restourant begun fight... amazin endin of perfect evenin!! :)) tnx God me n my friends was witness... but we all were really scared...  Then came police n we went home... Honesly, chillin like dat is typical 4 me n my bff:)) adventures are our companions everytime:)) Ok, so let's enjoy my picz n have a great day:)
xoxo Girly


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I love the print on your blouse, it looks beautiful on you. I think it's great how you added colour to the outfit by accessorising it with the clutch!


  2. The outfit is such a killer! gorgeous. :)


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