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20 March 2015

Fitness in Girly's World

Hey guys)))
Finally ive finished dis post)))) March is not so easy month for me cuz i should to do a lot of things on my work, after work plus dont miss my workouts 3 times of a week))) Fitness came in my life 11 monthes ago n im absolutelly happy that it happend))) Fitness is not my first time when i do sport))) 
My first meeting with sport was when i was 10, i was plumpy kid, me n my parents were confused ab this n i started karate)) n no, I not involved in competitions it looked like physical activity 4 plump kid)) when i was 10 i understood one thing: "sport is best way for loosting weight"!!! :))
When i was 16 i was interested by boxing))) i'm absolutely serious, now!))) boxing workouts is hardest workouts ever!!)) 1 workout is 3 hours of intense physical activity, its really hard... believe me)) In 18 i understood that boxing its not mine type of sport...
In 25 when i got weight, i decided to do something with it!! I know about magic effect of sport, since my 10 years)) thats why 11 months ago was my first workout in gym))All i can say, fitness is absolutely mine type of sport n im absolutely happy to have it in my life))))
This post is not professional article ab fitness, this post just based on my own actions, my own minds, my own opinion n my own experience))) Now i wanna share it with u))))
So let's go, guys...
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Personal Trainer(Coach)
There are a lot of minds ab workouts with personal trainer... Is this good or bad, i dont know;(( All i know its should be ur own desition)) I chose workouts with coach becuz:
  • Im lazy ass)) yea, i'm)) n my coach controll me when i try to shy away
  • Result come faster with coach then without. If somebody can build own body sooo good, this person will do the same with ur body)) My result since April to August (before my holidays) was -10 kgs)) yea, -10kgs for the 4 months;))  
  • Workouts with trainer is funniest then without)) cuz  trainers (almost of them) are yong n funny guyz;)) single girls, i'm writing this 4 u:))
  • Coach is not just coach... my trainer is my friend)) He is my neighbor, also)) We meet each other in store sometimes n all of this times he cach me when i tried to buy not healthy food, loool))) as u can gues, i didn't buy anything wrong after our meets)))   
As i told u before, workouts with trainer or without its just ur choice!!)) There is just one important thing, u should feel comfortable yourself!))   

Girly's  Workout
In this part of post u'll not see any recomendation of fitness programmas cuz im not professional n i dont have a lot of experience to share it with u... U or ur trainer better know what exactly programm u should to choose)) This part of post ab my own workout)) So, i have basic fintess programm n my workout have 4 parts:
  • 5 minutes on orbitracke before workout;
  • 1st part of workout devoted to trainin my legs. Im training quadriceps and thigh biceps;
  • 2nd part of workout devoted to upper body. Im training my back muscles, chest muscles, biceps or triceps, loin muscles. I finish my workout of training upper and lower press;
  • After workout i do cardio training on orbitrack for 30 minutes. Thats it))

I spend in gym 3 times of week, one workout lasts 2 hours))


Basic of fitness is nutrition, not only workouts in gym. 50% of result depend of what n how much u eat. U can find a lot of food rations in internet but if u feel confused ab what exactly u can eat for fast result, just askin ur personal coach n he/she will help u:)) I wanna share with u my own basic rules of nutrition:
  • You should to eat 5 times of a day as minimum
  • You can eat complex carbs to 1p.m., after 1p.m. to the end of day is protein time)) 
  • You wanna something not healthy as candies, cakes, etc. You can eat it just to 12a.m., one time of week as max. Dont loose control, girls))
  • Girls, really try to control yourself when ur in period, believe me:))) Im talking ab food, not ab misunderstandings with boys;)) btw guys should know we r not superpowerful we need relieve stress, also!;)))

Perfect nutrition for me looks like this:
  1. Breakfast
Breakfast should give u energy for the whole morning)) Grits with fruits or right sweets as honey n dried fruits is best decition for morning;))
  2. First Snack
First snack is perfect time for fruits n fruit salads)))) Ur personal coach should tell u what type of fruits u can eat)) For example, i can eat just apples, grapefruit n berries and no grapes, no mango n no bananas :(( 
Girls look at healthy sweets:))) Yeaa, u can eat them every day to 1p.m. but not too much;)) 
  3. Dinner
Diner is time for complex carbs, last time of a day:)) Rice or other groats with vegetables is a tasty and healthy lunch:)) U can add some seafood or chicken, also:))
  4. Second Snack
Second part of a day is time for proteine. Cheese, chicken brest, eggs, sea food is allways good idea for this snack:)) 
  5. Supper
Supper should be easy for ur stomach. That's why fish, sea foods n grilled vegetables u should to eat for last time of a day))
  6. I'd like to hear ab ur perfect nutrition in comments;)

Summing up, I want to say:
1. Dont make my mistake n try to minimize breaks in ur workouts. For the past 6 months i had 3 times of break with gym (trips to Cyprus, Egypt n Lituania) n as result i have +4 kg((   
2. Sport is only wright way to makes ur body looking good n forget ab all anti-cellulite creams, stutid diets n drugs!!)) U'll feel free of choosing clothes))
3. Sport is allways good idea!!! No metter what kind of sport u choose it should give u pleasure))
4. With age the only fast n effective way to lose weight n build ur body is gym plus healthy food!
5. Wishing u to be healthy, be beautiful n be happy, my dear readers:*** 
xoxo Girly 


  1. Everyone should have some kind of routine like that :) I'm trying!

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    Happy friday doll!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  10. This is such an amazing post Girly! I feel truly inspired as I just started a workout and weightloss plan yesterday!

    So proud of you hun!

    Kisses and keep up the great work love!

    xoxo Tamara Chloé


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