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28 July 2011

Touch of pink

Hello guyz!!!
First of all i wanna tell "thank you 4 ur support" to . It means a lot 4 me... N besides im in luv with all ur shoes!!!!! n when i saw price some of them i was cry... im seriosly! coz in my country there r not so chip price n im crazy ab chic shoes:(( n Sweety i luv so much ur blog!!!;)))
My days now is work-home-work-home:(( very borin so dats why i wanna much n much more my vacation.... n  tnx god it will be in one week =)))
Ab outfit: I wore this one outfit in b'day party of one guy. Oh besides after dat party me n Nastya went to club, lol =D I wore fav hot pink zara skirt with black top(i have it 2 or 3 years) n fav chic n comfy black heels. I like so much wear some colorful stufs with basic colors (almost its black or white) n at the same time i make accent on colorful thing in my outfit. I like dis one outfit n i desided will wear it in one of crazy nights in my vacation ;))))))
xoxo Girly
   skirt Zara
      top Terranova
      clutch Accessorize


  1. This outfit is sooo cute. Love the hot pink skirt. And thanks so much for the support and wonderful words that you said about me. I love your blog too... More outfits.

  2. Great blog, super cute.

    - Kimberly


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