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29 December 2014

Bye Bye 2014

Hello my luvs)))))
This is my last post in 2014 cuz tomorrow i'll go to my short holiday's trip)))) This year i'll meet New Year in another counrty, also)))) This time i'll go to Lithuania and Latvia n omg i really cant wait 2morrow))))) 
2014 year was so great for me becuz:
I had a lot of trips
This year i had 3 trips n visited 6 counrties plus i'll have xmass trip n i'll visited 2 new countries
I started going to the gym
7th of April was a big day cuz i had my first work-out)) Gym is a perfect place to clear your mind after a hard day and this is the real way to lose ur weight and  build perfect body.
I found term relationship
I met my bf last year n this year we started live together)) it's a new experience n all i can say - i'm happy guyz)))))
I had a lot of fun with my friends n met a lot of amazin people
This post actually show u lil part of meetings with my luvs:))

Guys i wishing u amazin NY Eve and all the best in New 2015 Year:))) 
xoxo Girly 

19 December 2014

Business Trip to Egypt. Cairo 2014

Hello guyz!!!:))))))
I really can't believe that i'm here.... Last 1.5 monthes was soooo bussy as hell((( i had a lot of work, preparation n celebration b'day of my bf, gym n workouts, starting live together with bf n preparation to my next trip (yea, dis is not joke) on xmass holidays:))) Finelly i have some free minute to make a post n share with u pics ab my business trip to capital of Egypt;))) This is my 2nd time here n all i wanna say is "i'm in love in Cairo!!!". Cairo is the one of biggest city cuz ab 18 millions people live there basically. Can u image 18 millions people?! Its really big city with crazy driving, btw))))) Atmosphere of city is sooo specific, soooo arabic, loud, funny, kindness n warm. Cairo is city of contrasts. Its soooooo wonderful place))))))) 
I wanna share with u what u should to try/buy in Egypt:
Egypt is perfect place where u can buy so fresh so natural n so chip exotic fruits. Trere are soooo big n soooo tasty))       
Egyptian sweets
If u do like nuts n honey u should to buy dis sooooo amaziiiing sweets
Sea food
If u fan of squid, crab, shrimp, mussels, salmon, lots of sea fish then u must to try these dishes. The most tasty sea food i've ever tried)) 
All Egyptians drunk coffee with cardamom thats why coffee is sooo exotic n spicy but soooo tasty))) If u dont like cardamom its not problem, u can try/buy coffee without dis spice)))  
If u want a part of summer in cold winter time go to Egypt, guys)))))
Wishin u amazin December:))
xoxo Girly 
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