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11 February 2011

My 22-th bday

Hi guyz!!!!
I'd like to tell u ab my bday which was 24-th december :)) n tnx God i have lil time to make ma first post :)) u cant image how im tired on ma work.... ;(( 
Lets go back to ma bday n my bday party =)  so dat day i woke up at 6 a.m. n go to ma work n im late on an hour =D 
i kno im not gud worker but its ma bday :)) all day my friends n other ppl congratulated me, was very pleasant ;)) allways:)))
Dis day on a work we had new year party... yea, 2 partyz in one day,can u image ?! n yea, i was in a both;)) was crazy!!! :)) Was fuuny n great on work's party, but i was dere not so much time, maybe 2 or 3 hours. I had not so much time to be dere, cuz i need to prepared to my party which was at club))
I dont kno why but dat day was so hard to take taxi... in ukraine, ppl r orthodoxes n our christmas is 7-th january, so 24-th desember is just another one day, exept me :) n  i really dont kno what happend with taxi dat day...When i wanted go home from work's party I called n called  to taxi centre n i took maybe 7-th or 8-th taxi car. I came home much later then i had plan. My party begun at 11:30 p.m. n i was home at 9:30 p.m. n oh god was  not so much time 4 me :(( im so slow person! n u can image i take shower, made new make up, dressed up for a hour(as 4 me its exploit) n go on ma party with my galz=D
Was crazy n so pleasant night!!!!!:)) Our galz crew had great mood, we eat n drunk, we dance, we enjoyed;)) was great:)) n in 5a.m. we all came home. Before endin of my party came ma boo... was so pleasant 2:))
Ma gifts: parents-white phone Samsung 5250 wave(my choise), my best friend-cute underclothes, another one girls-accesories n money n ma boo-jewell things :)))

PICz from Girlyz Party

tally weijl dress
mango blazer
no brand shoes
no brend rose
ur Girly Girl

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