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06 May 2016

Style Ideas: Leather Pencil Skirt

Hello, my dear readers!!;))
Today i wanna share with u style ideas ab how to wear leather pencil skirt in spring ... As u can see hight heels plus juicy blouces n accessoriasses add chic element in every look:)) So, do u like these ideas n what is ur faved look??
Have a wonderful May, babes!!;)))
xoxo Girly

29 April 2016

Fashion Coffee

Hello, dolls!!!
How are you, my hommies?? Well, when i have seen these amazing illustrations of (i would say) fashion coffee i could not miss opportunity to share them with you;)) I can't stop admit how cups of coffee stylized as much as it possible to style of famous fashion brands... 
Ohhh, perfect pics!!!:))) Girls, what are u thinking ab these illustrations?? What is ur favorite??
Happy Last April Weekend!!!;)))
xoxo Girly

20 April 2016

Grey Dress

Hello, my lovely girls!!!
Oh, i can't believe that i'm here... All this month was busy and so important to me... I hope April will change my life... when it will happen i'll tell u everything :)) Today i'd like to share with u one of my new dress:)) Simply grey dress with decorated shoulders is perfect for me in hot sunny day:)) Girls, what do u think??:))
Amazing April days for all you, my dolls!!!;))
xoxo Girly 
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06 April 2016

Style Ideas: Pink April

Hello, ladies!
How r u, my dolls??;))) Finelly, i have time to share with u some lovelies pink style ideas for an amazin April;))) What can be better for spring then Rose Quartz, right?? Tell me what is ur fave color or mix of colors for now??
Dear April, be an amazing for us!!;))
xoxo Girly

29 March 2016

Spring Office Look

Hello, my hommies! ;)))
How are u? Hope u all had an amazin Easter with ur family:)) Well, i'll celebrate this family holiday in may cuz i'm orthodox:)) Today i'd like to talk with u ab dress code:)) I have full time job in office (i'm KAM in international company) n time after time i need adhere to dress code...
"Hmmm...''dress code" it sounds sooo booooring"- u 've been thought, right?
"Guyz, u are wrong!"- i'm telling u :)) Dress code means some rules, but u can look stylish n don't break those rules :))
Ok, take some advases "how to follow the rules n stay chic":
1. Monochrome pastel  looks or basic colors looks (totally grey, navy, neutral, pastel pink/blue etc.);
2. Don't forget ab black details in totally looks;
3. Black & white outfits can be interesting (like here);
4. Interesting cut of basic clothes.
Well, this time i mixed 3 points in one outfit;)) I wore totally grey look with black deets (belt, boots, cuffs on shirt) n skirt has interesting cut. Hope u'll like my look n will find useful my tips:)))
Happy ending of March, dolls!!!;)))
xoxo Girly
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18 March 2016


Hello, my hommies!!!;)))
How are you??:)) Well, now i'm absolutely obsessed of spring n dat's why i wanna put little piece of my #Springmood in bloggy:)))
Wishing u a lot of spring flowers, dolls!;)
xoxo Girly