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28 February 2014

Xmas Holidays Diary. Prague (Czech Republic).

Hello, my hommies!!!
Im glad to come back to my hobbie n post here... Situation in my country is really terrible (if u dont know im ukrainian) and words can't describe feeling ab what going on around here.... All i wanna is peace in my country... 
So dis post is 3rd part of my "Xmas Holidays Diary". Dis time its Prague. We spend here 2 nights n 1 whole day. Prague is adorable city with own atmosphere. Its a megalopolis with many ppl on the srteets on the one side but so cozy n calm with medieval spirit on another side. Night Prague is amazing, especially when you ride on the ship on Vltava and watch on all those castles, theatres,  bridges with adorable backlight.
I wanna share my oppinion about Prague with all u:
Rate of the Euro against the Czech Crown is 1 euro = 26 czk. That's why was hard to adjust for czech crown.
U can try traditional Czech dishes like baked pork knuckle, goulash or u can try tasty snacks for beer like prunes in bacon or u can enjoy sausages, sweeties and hot wine in Christmas fairs.
U should to try Staropramen dark beer cuz its the best beer i've ever tried!!! Im not big fan of beer, but dis beer is something unbelievable
I would recommend
If u like walks you should arrive to the Prague n u will enjoy every step u've done:) 
If u have opportunity to go on the ship on Vltava u should to do this, its amazin!!:) Best time for this ride is evening.
I was surprised 
In Prague lives many russian speaking people and thats why was hard to feel the local color of Czechs...
Keep the peace whatever happened!!!
xoxo Girly
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11 February 2014

Xmas Holidays Diary. Vienna (Austria).

Hello, my hommies! :)
I continue my diary ab my Xmas holidays. My next stop in tour was at Vienna. We arrived there 31th december n met there New Year))) Vienna inpressed me her architecture sooooo much!!! This is wonderful city, sooo big, soooo beatiful with amasin history!!! If u have  any opportunity to arrive here u should to use ur chance. 
We spend in Vienna more then 14 hours on our feet n omg it was crazy!!! We were tired so much plus begun my lovely acclimatization, that's why most pictures show you places where we spend our time:) We drunk amazin coffe at Sturbucks, in Ukraine we dont have dis coffee house:( We had some shopping at Forrever 21 n we were soooo happy cuz in Ukraine we haven't dis store too. Yeap, im living in country without H&M, Forever 21, Starbucks n many other amazin things!!! :(( Hope, soon everything will change in a good way... 
So let's go back to Vienna. I wanna share my opinion about some popular things which Vienna propose for tourists: 
Mozart marzipans are amazin!! I really liked them unlike other marzipans)) U can buy it in every souvenir store n it coast begining of 6.99 euro:)) 
Candied violets
U should to buy it!!!:) U can eat them as candies or u can put them in champagne:)) Price for candied violets is soo chip just 3 euro n u can buy it in every souvenir store also:)
Vienna's sausages
Ohhh they are perfect:))) U should to try them, maybe  becuz ur in Vienna:))) 
Nothing special... Beer like beer. 
Glintwine (Hot wine)
There is nothing better then mug with hot wine if u have a lot of promenades in windy rainy Vienna at winter time:)
Hmm... what can i said ab Austria's vodka. If to be honestly, its sucks:( im sorry but its true... 
I was surprised but Vienna's prices are higher than prices in neighboring German cities, for example. 
xoxo Girly
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