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29 September 2012

Burgundy nailz

Hey my hommies:)))))
Burgundy mania is still in da Girly's Word ;)))) be sure dis color u'll see soo often in dis blog:))))))) Guuuuyz ive just came back home from club... till so long (5 monthes) break n omg it was AMAZIN!!!!!:)))))))) I met dis night my old good black guyfriend n we both danced as crazy:))))) gosh i really much luv dansin with blacks=))))))) all black ppl ur da BEST DANSERS!!!!!! n i luv ya:))))))))) n as u can see my heath is amazin n im happy ab dis also:)))) n guys my tonight's outfit i'll show in some of my next post!!!:)))))
So wish me sweet dream cuz im goin sleepin:))) n im wishin 4 all ya soooo amazin n crazy weekend:)))))) 
xoxo Girly

22 September 2012

Totally basic

Hi guyz:)))))
How r u doin??? Hope ur fine cuz im not:(( im sick n oh gosh i hate dis feeling:((( anyway it'll stop soon n i'll be with a wonder mood:))) ok, so let's get tallkin ab dis outfit post... I like to wear basic clothes for a walkin or spendin time in park with my friends, like on picz of dis post, by the way:))) Basic style is one of my faved style cuz i allways can keep comfy n can look luvly, at the same time :)) 
Have amazin week n i'll go to my bad to watch movies, drink warm tee n get recovery of ma health ;)
xoxo Girly

14 September 2012

Burgundy love

Holla guyz!!!!
Im in luv with dis trendy color pretty much!!!! I've aready have some burgundy stuffs(on picz) n also wanna burgundy skinny n several blouses:)))) By the way, u can see heelz n clutch here n here.So what do u think ab dis color????
Have a lovely friday:))))))))
xoxo Girly
(sweater, heels, clutch, necklase - New Look)

08 September 2012


Happy Saturday guyz:))))))))
My first fall outfit post is peplum post. Im totally in luv with dis one trend n when ive saw dis one skirt ive already knew it will be mine;))) n now ur lookin it on me:)))) I wore at first time peplum skirt with white silk printed blouse n black pumps n hope u like it as i do:)) Happy weekend sweetys:)))
xoxo Girly 

01 September 2012

Mrs. September

Hello guyz:))))))
Ohhh 2day is 1st september, 1st day of fall 2012... Im sad cuz summer is already finished but also Im happy cuz amazin blogger Gstyle makes me mrs. September on his blog:)))))) Dis is 1st time for me n dis is sooooooo pleasant:)))))))))) Im leather lover n its pleasant at twise 4 me:))))))  If u wanna left ur "like" 4 me i'll be soo happy:)) n u can do dat here .Also u can see dis pic n read story here .
Happy September sweetys
xoxo ur Girly