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28 June 2011

Another one fav skirt n my last week

Hello everyone!!! :)
My last week was f#@&?kin hard!!!! I done triple job all week coz 2 top-managers had vacations + it was "hot time" on work!!! I thought i gonna be died, but now everythin is ok, coz  both managers came back on work =))) All last week was suck weather, was cold n rainy. Also 23-th of june me n my boo had anniversary, 4 years together =)) but dis year we didnt selebrated it  cuz he went a mounth ago in anoter one country=((  I miss him so so much =((   

Ab outfit: I wore dis one outfit last week on work, but dis one pic i've made when i went in one of last dates with boo. I luv so so much dis one skirt, it so so cute n comfy!!!! I like so much my dis one simple basic outfit n how ab u??? =))

19 June 2011

Summer is time 4 fun. Girly's 2nd skirt is hot pink zara skirt

Finelly i have some time dis weekend n i can made some posts dere=))) My work days r crazy coz 2 works guyz have vacation n i make all they works before they come back n last weekend was sooo crazy... In first weekend day Me, my friend Nastya n my works guyfriends go to beach at 1p.m., after beach we all went in our own's home took shower n all met again at 9p.m. n go to bar n after bar we went to Nastya's home n we drunk there from 1a.m. to 4a.m(lil house party) =)))) In 4 a.m. we took taxi n went to club n were dere to 6a.m. I were home at 6:30 a.m. n slept all day... 2nd part of day i watch "Two n a half man"=))) lazy girl=)))
Ab skirt... Several weeks ago i had shoppin=))) I was in mall n i was in Zara n omg im in luv with Zara's colors skirts!!!!! I took several skirts at fitting room almost it was tulip skirts but different colors. I couldnt choose which one skirt i wanna have... n then i thought:"hey, Oksana u already have 2 tulip skirts. That's sufficiently. U need smthn different". N i bought dis one hot pink skirt n i really luv it!!!! Also i bought simple yellow tshirt in Zara, white cute skirt in Jennyfer, white cotton dress n fragrance Anna Sui "Rock Me" 
Ab outfit... I wear dis outfit in one of my work days. I bought dis one blouse in O'STIN in sale 2 years ago n i this is my one of fav stuff in my wardrobe!!! I think blouse like dis one r chic everytime=))) I like dat my outfit r trendy: colors n flower's print r trends in s/s-2011=)))

xoxo Girly 


Summer is time 4 skirts. Girlys 1st skirt is tulip black n white skirt

Holla guyz!!! In dis summer i'm crazy ab skirts!!=))) Summer is the great time 4 skirts with different style n colors. N i'm with luv present for u my one of fav tulip black n white skirt=)))) I bought it last summer n i wear it maybe 5 times: 1st time on my leavers' in uni, 2nd time in summer vacation, 3rd time on my boo's performance in club n 4th n 5th time in my work dis year. Look at picz n enjoy =)))
Ohhh i forgot said to u im really really crazy ab super chic shoes n very soon i'll show u my favs =))))